Introducing our newest payment gateway: Pay-Me-Today

Here’s a bit of a tongue twister for you: Ezypay’s Payment Gateway Pay-Me-Today

Now say it five times fast without stumbling.

Ezypay’s payment gateway has a new feature, “Pay-Me-Today”, which is a new payment gateway to collect failed payments. Failed payments is something that business owners hate to hear, but Ezypay is here to ensure that you DO get your due fees.

payment gateway

That dreaded email: failed payment notification

You should know by now that Ezypay sends your customer a failed payment notification if their payment has been unsuccessful. This email can also be customised with your logo and branding to suit your business needs.

Previously, we would just outline the reason why it failed. However, with this great new feature, we now also include a payment link that will lead you to the payment gateway of Pay-Me-Today.

Regardless of the failed payment reason, each email comes with a “PAY TODAY” button that your customers can’t miss.

No two links are the same

With emails being sent and received all over the world, it is fair to say that you would be worried that the wrong billing will be sent to the incorrect client. However, Ezypay’s payment gateway is so advanced, a safe link is auto-generated for each individual client’s outstanding bill. To add further to this protection, no two links are the same and are only available via the failed payment notification email. With our payment gateway Pay-Me-Today link, there is no chance of mismatched billings.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Of course your customers would want to know what bills they owe and the exact cost of each. This is why our payment gateway has itemised billing for convenient calculation. We provide a detailed breakdown of all the expenses that are due, so that they are able to gain an exact understanding of what they are paying for. This report is available when the link to the Pay-Me-Today site is clicked.

We’re not fussy! We accept all major credit cards

As with your direct debit billing, our payment gateway, Pay-Me-Today feature, accepts all major credit cards. This means that customers are able to pay online; whether you have their existing banking details or not. To make things easier however, they can replace or update their existing Ezypay banking details to prevent future failed payments.

Thank you for using Pay-Me-Today

After your customers have paid their outstanding fees, a “thank you” window will pop up, thanking them for rectifying this mistake in a timely manner. To further ensure them that their safety and privacy are protected, the page includes Ezypay’s contact details and information. Your customers can rest assure that their money is being handled by a company that uses the latest technology and works to the highest level of security and PCI standards.

Ezypay’s payment gateway Pay-Me-Today is such a cool new feature that means that you will be even surer that you collect outstanding failed payments. After all, Ezypay doesn’t have a 99.95% high collection rate for nothing.

If you would like more information, feel free to visit Ezypay Online Help Centre, or contact our Customer Support team.

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