Careers at Ezypay are not always straight lines

careers at ezypay

Dean Herrman works as the Financial Controller at Ezypay and hasn’t had a straight A to Z career path at Ezypay.

Careers at Ezypay, not always a straight A to Z

Here Dean talks about why sometimes it’s good to leave a role,  as well as the work and family life flexibility Ezypay provides him.

Dean started at Ezypay in 2007.  After the first 12 months with Ezypay, he moved on to another role. Part of the reason for moving was because he was living in other side of the town and also because of the sudden change in team culture from his previous work life.

Dean enjoyed the variety within the role and working on different things. He said, “it’s not just focusing on the numbers throughout the month, there are other things that pop up”. He also enjoyed that he is involved with Ezypay’s offices overseas in Malaysia and Philippines.

Dean prided that being involved with a successful business is definitely a benefit. He likes knowing that a company has a vision and mission of where they want to be in the next 5 years.

Dean has two small children and the ability to balance his work and family life makes a huge difference for him. Some of the small things like flexible working time and the ability to work after hours are the things that make a huge difference.

Dean also talked about his professional and personal development while at Ezypay.

He also gave advice to his colleagues of one of the biggest things he found true in his career. Watch the video to learn about careers at Ezypay.