Come Fly With Me: First Class Of Course

Ezypay has been working with the Rockefeller (or Rockefella if you are an Aussie) habits since 2007.  Some quarters have been great and some not so great.  However it has been a very valuable tool for the business and has helped us kick a number of goals which have increased revenue/profit in the business and also led to external recognition with multiple awards.

This quarter Ezypay is facing one of its toughest challenges.  We are working together to share knowledge and information across our business.  We have a not so new software product called iconnect360.  Those of us who understand it think it’s pretty special and something our clients will love.  Others know a little bit but not a lot about iconnect360 and aren’t really sure what it can do or what benefits it has for clients. So our challenge this quarter is to provide our clients with first class service.  We need to be ready to take by being knowledgeable about our product.  So training and knowledge sharing will be undertaken by all.  At the end of the quarter everyone will be given an iconnect360 flight exam.  We are hoping that everyone will be passing so they can enjoy their reward and our clients will experience first class service. The first challenge for the teams was to decorate their areas.  There were some great decorations and no more so than our Ezypay/iconnect360 team in our Kuala Lumpur office.  Here are some examples of their efforts.

comeflycomefly2comefly3 So the guys have made it off the ground.  Hopefully by the end of the quarter there will be nothing but first class (service) all the way next time you come fly with me.