Because We’re Happy! Thanks for an awesome 2014.

Because We're Happy


Because We’re Happy

2014 has been a huge year at Ezypay.  Thank you to all of our clients and staff for making it the best year yet at Ezypay. Here is something to say ‘thanks’ and make you laugh.




Some things that made us really happy in 2014….

  1.  Ezypay launched our payment and software services in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and China.  That’s to add to collecting recurring payments in Australia and New Zealand.  So now we are in 7 countries!
  2. Our membership management software iconnect360 won the Best Cloud Product of 2014 from the Australian Business Awards.
  3. Our KL team out-grew their office space and will move into a new home in the new year.
  4. A couple of very cute new editions to the Ezypay family including baby Zoe for Loretta, baby Aiden for Kong, baby Joanna for Meera, and baby Ella for Julie,
  5. We launched our online booking feature for iconnect360 this year.
  6. Rolled out new staff benefits in the KL team including paid maternity leave, birthday leave and a 5,000 holiday for 5 years service.
  7. We were Finalists in the Telstra Business Awards


Things got better looking…

  1. The iconnect360 interface got a makeover in 2014.
  2. The online sign-ups in iconnect360 are super easy to use and good looking now.
  3. Pay-me-today is the updated and better looking payment gateway collecting failed payments.
  4. Marketing team in KL recruited….yay!


Then we got smarter…

  1. Added a few more uni grads to the team with Daniel, Charlie, Bryan and Minh all graduating.
  2. We sent our intern to KL (but they sent her back).
  3. Ezypay was mentioned in a book called Scaling Up.
  4. We launched #DMM360 in Kuala Lumpur for digital marketeers.
  5. We launched Women Who Code (WWC) in Malaysia.
  6. Hired more people in our support team in KL and Sydney.


And faster…

  1. We managed monthly feature releases and enhancements for iconnect360 and Ezypay.
  2. We produced 7 infographs and reports relating to the Fitness Industry Survey in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.
  3. Produced an average of 3 news posts a week for both iconnect360 and Ezypay.


Until we ran out of time….so in 2015 we are looking forward to…

  1. A new office for our KL team.
  2. Launching Ezypay and iconnect360 into another country.


And that’s just for the first 3 months of 2015!


Thank you again for your support and for all the laughs in 2014.  In true Ezypay style we have put together a small video to make you laugh.

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