A New Evolution for the Orange Nation

Ezypay has always been a strongly values based business.  Our values have helped us create a lively and fun culture.  Something that not many people would equate to a finance company.


We have given our values a bit of a make over recently.  We have ditched the old values characters and voted for a visual representation of our values done by a graffiti artist. So it’s  a new evolution for the orange nation.


Here is Orange Evolution which is personally my favorite values character.


orange evolution orange nation



This one is vertical limits which is another favourite of mine.


Vertical Limits orange nation



This is Team Ezyplay the value that gets to have the most fun.


Team Ezyplay orange nation



The only one missing is smart returns.  Maybe he wasn’t at work that day for the photos 🙂 Nah only joking here he is…


smart returns orange nation


What are your company values?  Do you have a little bit of fun with them like Ezypay’s orange nation? How does this translate into your everyday?


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