Working hard to have fun at work a winner in Ezypay

Working hard to have fun at work a winner in Ezypay office

This is an article excerpt from the North Shore Times

A North Shore business says it strives to work extra hard to make work easier for its 35 employees.

“We work hard on having fun here,” Ezypay chief executive officer Trent Brown said.

“If we have an expectation that the people contribute then we try to make it so that they enjoy what they do.”

And employees say Mr Brown backs up his words with action. All employees attended this year’s My Business Awards, when Ezypay was named Australian Medium-Sized Business of the Year.

“Most businesses take one or two people but we wanted to go as a team,” Mr Brown said.

“The award is a good recognition of all the hard work the team puts in. It’s an acknowledgement of the people as much as the business. The awards night wasn’t just about winning, it was about everyone enjoying and celebrating together.”

Ezypay was the first non-bank to provide direct debit for other businesses in Australia when it started in 1996. The company now processes re-occurring payments from customers for businesses, such as monthly gym memberships. Marketing employee Simon Hall said there was no big secret to having a good time in the workplace.

“We just have fun with projects, like the current one which is called Project Pursuit,” Mr Hall said.

“The idea is that we have a formal project that we have to complete, and to help, the staff is split into four teams. Each of those teams plays Trivial Pursuit on a Friday afternoon while we chat about the project, to get a bit of an update on where we’re at. We come to work nine to five and, as in most jobs, not all days are brilliant. But everyone is in it together so we try to have fun with it.”

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