81% of small businesses blame a cash flow crises for their insolvency

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Cash flow crisis for small businesses across Australia.  


A recent article published in Smart Company on 18th October 2013, states that “The percentage of small businesses collapsing is on the rise, as Australian Securities and Investments Commission figures reveal businesses are under pressure from inadequate cash flow.”


It goes on to state that the ASIC figures “reveal 81% of businesses which became insolvent in 2012/2013 were small businesses with less than 20 employees.”


The article goes on to report that the cash flow crises for small businesses is likely to get worse as the year continues.


This is a bleak out look for small businesses across Australia.  However this is exactly why you need to look at your cash flow in your business and make it your number 1 priority.


How do you increase your cash flow?

You need to use Ezypay’s direct debit system.  The system allows you to sell expensive services by breaking them down into smaller more manageable amounts.  This is great for your revenue and also great for your cash flow.  As Ezypay debits those smaller amounts from your customers we transfer the money into your bank account.  So you get the money a little at a time which helps your cash flow enormously.


Why would you want to let your business become a statistic?  Let Ezypay help you with your cash flow today.  You can contact our sales team at hello@ezypay.com or call 1300 762 726.


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