Billing System Relationship 101

billing systemThere are plenty of fish in the sea, and in this case; fish meaning billing systems. However, after searching high and low for the “one”, that one that makes you happy, makes your life easier, and better, it’s safe to say Ezypay is that “one”. Ezypay’s direct debit billing system is all you need so you can stop searching now.

But you’re probably wondering why? Why is Ezypay the billing system for you? What is it about this billing system that is different from all the rest?

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should invest in a great relationship with our billing system.


We’re flexible

Who wants to be stuck with a direct debit billing system where it is “their way or the high way?” You have no room to do what you want to do, do what you think is best for you and keep the main person in this relationship happy; you. Flexibility is a key component in developing a good relationship with your billing system, and we have it.

Ezypay runs billing every working day Monday to Friday. In fact, we bill every day that the bank accepts a billing file. This means that you are able to choose the day that you want to bill your customers and collect recurring payments.

Our flexibility also extends to the types of payments that we accept. And what do we accept? Well every single payment type there is; whether it is a bank account, building, society, credit card and even online payments.  Your customers will not be confined to a specific method and they will love the convenience of your business and billings system.

We will call

How annoying is it when you’re waiting for a text or call from someone or something (aka a billing system) and none comes. You spend hours waiting by your phone, constantly checking your inbox, but zilch. Nada. Nothing. Don’t worry, Ezypay won’t leave you hanging or left in the dark. Rest assured that we will send you SMS and Email alerts letting you know what is happening with your recurring payments and accounts. We will send you alerts prior to a debit occurring or when something important is happening. Even better, in this relationship, you don’t have to keep checking your phone for alerts because we know how busy you are and can spend your time on something more worthwhile, which is why we push the important information to you.

In addition, when something bad happens, such as a failed payment, we let you know straight away. We send a notification to you, as well as to the customer of their failed payment and outlining the reason why.

We provide excellent support

If you need help, have questions, need training or things just aren’t going your way, the customer service team behind our billing system is here to help. We provide excellent support and you can always reach us any time. You can give us a call Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm, or send us an email outside those times and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We will always help you out whenever you need us too.

We bring a little positivity in your life

Who wants to work with a downer? It’ll only make you upset and bring you down. That’s why Ezypay’s billing system gives you a little positivity in your life; POSITIVE CASH FLOW! With regular recurring payments combined with our convenience and flexibility, we bring an improved cash flow that can only increase with our billing system.

Secure and Safe

Our billing system makes you feel secure, safe and protected. We go to great measures to ensure that your account is protected by using the latest technology and payment compliance practices to maintain the security of customer data. In a great relationship with your billing system, it is important to feel safe, and you definitely will with Australia’s award-winning Ezypay.

Don’t miss out on a great relationship with Ezypay; a direct debit billing system that is there to make your life easier, happier and better.

If you’re in a great relationship with your billing system, then your billing system should go the extra mile for you, like how we have when we put together 31 actionable tips on how to improve business cash flow. And even better, it’s for FREE!

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