3 Reasons you need Ezypay as your Customer Billing System

A customer billing system is something that businesses implement to make collecting recurring payments a whole lot easier.

customer billing system

The best customer billing system out there is Ezypay.

Here are three things that Ezypay can do for you.

1. Failed Payment Notification and Pay-Me-Today

A customer billing system will help ensure that your direct debit payments are collected every single time. Unfortunately, failed payments do occur sometimes, but not to worry. The good news to this downside means is that a customer billing system like Ezypay will take measures to ensure that you will collect all payments that you are owed.

Ezypay is a customer billing system that will notify you of any failed payments. An email will be sent to you and the customer whose payment transaction failed, informing them about the failure and outlining the reason why. One of Ezypay’s newest features is the payment gateway “Pay-Me-Today” link that is included in aforementioned email. By accessing the link, your clients can instantly pay up all outstanding bills via credit card.

This means that Ezypay customers have an additional avenue of collecting failed payments. This customer billing system feature is effective in increasing the likelihood that all your payments will be collected, including failed ones. As a result of Ezypay’s excellent collection rate, we have an industry-record, high collection rate of 99.5%.

2. Real Time Reporting

Billing customers through a customer billing system like Ezypay means that cash is always flowing into your account from all different directions or sources. This is why it is important that your customer billing system can generate reports that allow you to keep track of your income and finances. Ezypay is a customer billing system that takes it even further with real time reporting. Real time reports means that whenever you access your account, you will see your exact financial position, even if there was a customer who signed up just a mere three seconds ago. This part of Ezypay’s customer billing system is the best way to keep an accurate record of your finances so you always know what is happening in your account.


3. Accept All Payment Types

Ezypay is a great and flexible customer billing system as it accepts all payment types for your customers. Your customers are not limited to paying their fees via one sole method, instead they can choose their preferred mode such as via credit card, bank account, building society and even through online payments. They will love the convenience of your customer billing system and how easy it is for them.

Ezypay is a customer billing system that puts your needs and business first. By using Ezypay, you can collect debits the Ezy way and eliminate stress and time.

If you would like more information on what Ezypay, customer billing system, can do for you, contact one of our friendly team members and we’ll be happy to give you a no-fuss walk-through of Australia’s favourite direct debit billing system.

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