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Here at Ezypay, we are always thinking about providing value to our client. We realized that many clients may prefer to customize the way they present data to users, or may want to display their own custom screens instead of the generic screen we provide. To this end, we decided to expose parts of our products as Web APIs. What are Web APIs you ask ? Read on to find out more.


Web APIs – What is this new beast now?

From Wikipedia :

“A server-side web API is a programmatic interface to a defined request-response message system, typically expressed in JSON or XML, which is exposed via the web—most commonly by means of an HTTP-based web server”

Now, that doesn’t sound very interesting does it ? Let us try and break things down.

From the Wikipedia entry, we understand that it is something that runs on a “server”. This means that it is something that can be accessed over the internet. Simply put, Web APIs are mechanisms through which we can gain access to certain functionality of an application (in this case, Ezypay/iconnect360) over the web.

The next key word to note is “programmatic interface”. This means that a program is involved somewhere. To be much more specific, the functionality exposed by the Web API is not for humans to interact with – rather, it is meant for other programs.



Why Web APIs ?

When a business’s IT components start out, they tend to require certain very generic components e.g.: a pay roll system, an email system, a billing and invoicing system and so on. Nowadays, a lot of IT operations companies provide these generic components as services available over web – ie as Web APIs. The advantage is that it is very often cheaper (in terms of money as well as time) to integrate these Web APIs into a business’s IT systems rather than build and maintain them on your own. e.g. A lot of small to medium businesses use Paypal for processing payments these days – this is done using Paypal’s Web APIs.

In addition to providing functionality, Web APIs often expose their internal data in a format that is easily consumed by other programs. This provides businesses an opportunity to use this data in innovative ways. Very frequently, Web APIs from multiple providers are used in conjunction, to provide something new and innovative. This occurs often enough on the web to warrant a special term of its own, called Mash-ups. Checkout the
ProgrammableWeb’s website for a list of mash ups.


Ezypay Web API

Ezypay Web API focuses on providing core functionality of the product such as creating customers, scheduling debits and retrieving available payment plans as easy to consume APIs. This makes it easy for a business to integrate Ezypay into their in house IT systems. If it is a business with a customer facing website, signing up one for Direct debits is often a seamless process with Ezypay’s APIs.


What next ?

If your business has an in house IT system or even a website to manage your customers, do check out Ezypay’s payment products.

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