Earn More with Ezypay’s Online Payment Solutions

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? You might have a few, whether it be to get fit, give up an addiction, make more time for your friends and family, or even to make more money. For business owners, the latter is usually a resolution that they envision for themselves at the start of every year, and Ezypay is here to show you how you can achieve this quickly and easily in 2015. All you need are our online payment solutions.

Online Payment SolutionsOur online payment solutions has contributed greatly to our high collection rate of 99.5%

That’s about as close to a guaranteed payment as you are going to get! Here’s how our online payment solutions work.

1. Create and customise your online payment solutions form

This form is what your customers fill out to allow Ezypay to collect recurring payments on your behalf. The best thing about this form is that you can personalise it to suit your specific business. This means you can:

  • Upload your logo
  • Use your business colour scheme to decorate the form
  • Add your CSS file
  • Add your business’s Terms and Conditions

By customising your online payment solutions form, your customers will know exactly who they are signing up to and exactly what the terms and conditions are.

2. Share your form

There is no use having an online payment solutions form if no one knows about it. Ezypay has made it easy for your to distribute your form so that customers can easily access it. You can quickly do this through sharing it via social medias, emails or link the form to your Call-to-Action button on your website or landing page. This will take your customers straight to your completing their payment details, simplifying your payment process and lowering your signup barrier.

3. Watch your online payment solutions work

Our online payment form means that you can create and generate payment reports. This way, you know your financial position at all times and are able to keep track of all your recurring payments.

Ezypay has also made it easier for you to do this because you are able to segregate your customers by their payment status, date and more.

Ezypay’s online payment solutions forms is the only online payment gateway you need to earn more money in the New Year. You can now cross earning more money off your New Year’s Resolutions list now that you have Ezypay’s online payment solutions.


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