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I was recently speaking to our customer service team leader Nina Yassin. She told me that many of the email and phone enquiries that the Ezypay customer service team receives are similar in nature. As a quick guide she has put together these frequently asked questions (and answers) that we hope you will find useful.


Q How long does it take for a refund to go through?

A. Up to three to four business days.


Q. Why do I get charged variation fees when you make changes on my customer’s account?

A. This is because you are set up as an online principal, if you were on the full service there won’t be any variation charges because they are included in your transaction fees.


Q.  Why can’t Ezypay terminate my account?

Ezypay is only the third party debiting company. The agreement is between you and the company we bill you on behalf of, so you will need to contact them directly in regards to any cancellations or major changes to your account. We can however terminate your billing agreement because that is between you and Ezypay.


Q. Who is Ezypay?

A. Ezypay is a third party billing company, we do the debits on behalf of any company that wishes to direct debit their customers account for any type of membership.


Q. What is the $3 charge I see on my account?

A. This is the customer data fee, which is charged every 3 months. This was introduced to cover the rising cost of data security and maintaining our customer database.


Q. How do I suspend a customer online?

A. You will need to go to online variations, select next debit date variation and use the default date 31/12/2999.


Q. What is this $10.95 charge on my distribution report?

A. This is the access pack which provides you with a variety of reports, extra customer service and other benefits.  If you do not wish to use it, please contact customer service on 1300 300 553.


Q. How can I change a customer’s debit amount on iconnect 360?

A. We do understand that sometimes you just want to change the debit billing frequency but retain the same membership plan for the member. At this point, the only way to do this is to use the “Change membership” feature on iconnect360


Q. How do I reinstate a cancelled member on iconnect360?

A. If you would like to reinstate a member’s membership, you can “reinstate” the member anytime by signing him or her to a new membership plan.


Q. Why am I charged 55 cents?

A. This is Ezypay’s SMS reminders, they are sent 3 days before each debit to remind you to leave funds in the account to avoid failed payment fees.


Q. Why aren’t I eligible to receive DDR pads?

A. If you are on the online service you are not eligible to receive DDR forms, however we do supply you with direct debit stickers to apply on the DDR form once printed.


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