Payment Methods: Russian Subway Now Accepts Squats for Payment

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A Unique Payment Method in Russia has locals feeling good

Jessica Cather of Mashable, reported on an alternative payment method now available in Moscow, Russia.


“If you live in Moscow, your morning commute can include a brief fitness session.


To promote the upcoming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, subway stations in Moscow have added these impressive new machines which allow passengers to do 30 squats for a train ticket.


It’s a little like how you used your Wii Fit the first week after Christmas but with an actual reward.  This machine can also tell if you’re cheating, unlike the couch calisthenics you can get away with at home. ”


You can view it all unfolding in this 2 minutes video. I reckon payment methods like this would go down well in a Sydney train station.  What do you think?




What Payment Methods Could we Offer to Promote Fitness?

1. Bring back the black market economy?  Probably not a great idea.

2. Offer members entry to classes if they help clean up before and after?

3. Allow members to go to the gym for a shift on the reception desk?

4. 10,000 steps a day gives you entry into the pool?

5. Bring in healthy snacks to share and get fee entry.

6. Do the laundry in exchange for a class.

7. Check the light bulbs once a week in exchange for entry to a class.

8. Take the last shift on Saturday night and have a work out when you are finished?

9. Give another member a lift to the gym and get free entry?

10. Give free bus and train rides to people who have done their 10,000 steps that day?


What other unique payment methods can you think of?  I am sure it will be loads more than me.


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