Workplace Safety: Saving Money and Reducing Risk

workplace safety

Workplace safety is important for all business owners

Did you know that you personally and your business can be fined for workplace safety breaches?  Do you have the right workers compensation insurance for your business?  Are you fully compliant with your duty of care? Kelly Brown from Recovery Partners gives a quick 5 minute insight on these issues.


This information video talks about how business owners can save money through worker compensation premium and through developing HS system to prevent injuries from occurring.

Kelly Brown began by discussing the potential financial impact on businesses from workplace safety breaches. Through worker compensation premium and through OHS penalty, businesses can pay a large fine. In Australia, each state has its own OHS policies and there are penalties for breaching those obligations for companies.

Kelly Brown also informed us that worker compensation is the only compulsory insurance in Australia and it is affected mainly by the wages employers pay.

A thing that most companies don’t realise is that worker compensation can potentially cover contractors. In this video, Kelly gave us tips on managing contractors.

Kelly later discussed duty of care in workplaces. All employers have a duty of care not only to their employees, but also visitors coming into their workplace. This duty applies whether they have one employee, or one thousand employees. It was also mentioned specifically that employers have a duty of care for employees not only when they are on the premises, but also when they go to and from workplace.

Kelly’s tip on businesses who see WHS as intimidating and overwhelming is to manage it as any other aspect of the business. The important thing is to start by developing policy and then plan what needs to be done.

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