Thank you for your Ezypay application!


Thank you for submitting your Ezypay application!

If you have all the documents required and all the fields filled in then we will be able to process your application.  It may take up to 4 working days (Monday to Friday) to process your application.  If you need this expedited please let our sales person know and we will do our best to do this for you.

Direct debits increase business cash flow

Yes it’s true direct debits do increase business cash flow.  The reason is because if you offer a customer or member a convenient way to collect payments where they can set and forget then having to pay the recurring payment is an issue that is taken away from them.  So the great thing for your business is you will be able to collect more money more often therefore increasing your business cash flow.  

Ezypay has a 99.5% collection rate in Australia.  So there is only a very small amount of debits that we cannot collect (half a percent).  This means that Ezypay direct debit company actually collects most of the payments we debit from customer or member accounts.  Most businesses can’t acheive this collection rate themselves so by using Ezypay their collection rate increases and so does their cash flow.

Create automatic payment plans.

Once we have received your Ezypay application and you start using the Ezypay direct debit system you can log into your secure online Ezypay account and create payment plans.  A payment plan is a common recurring payment that you collect in your business.  If you set these payment plans up then you can use them in your sales and marketing activities. A payment plan is a secure url which you can insert into an email, or post on your website.  When a customer or member clicks on that url and opens the page they can then fill in their personal and payment information creating an online direct debit request which is updated immediately in your secure online Ezypay account.  

It’s pretty easy to set up a payment plan but if you would like more information on it you can ask one of our customer service team to give you some training. 


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