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Collect Recurring Payments

Our direct debit system improves your business cash flow every month with an amazing 99.5% collection rate.
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Accept Online Payments

Get paid night or day, even on holidays. Our recurring online payment feature lets your members pay for your products or services by setting up a payment then forgetting about it.

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Membership Management Software iconnect360

Due to popular request, we’ve created iconnect360 – Australia’s first membership and billing management software specifically for fitness centres, clubs and gyms. Seamlessly integrated with Ezypay billing.

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Get paid the easy way. Ezypay’s direct debit system makes collecting recurring payments Ezy.

Using the Ezypay direct debit online payment system means your business will get paid!

Ezypay is a great online direct debit company offering secure technology, great prices and excellent payment collection rates.  With a 99.5% collection rate, successful track record since 1996, real time reporting and various payment modes available, Ezypay is the payment solution provider that can meet your business needs and requirements.

What is direct debit?

Direct debit is a payment solution in which your members pay for their membership or recurring subscription from their bank account or credit card on a recurring basis.

The direct debit facility automatically processes recurring payments on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis (depending on your business preference). This method of payment is especially convenient for subscription-based companies who collect regular recurring fees such as fitness centers and gyms.

What can Ezypay offer me?

All Ezypay clients can now embrace running their business in a cashless community collecting online payments.

They enjoy cost-savings and a 99.5% success rate when it comes to payment collection. As every business is unique, Ezypay offers a flexible payment collection service to suit a variety of businesses.

With nearly 20 years of experience collecting recurring payments in Australia, and now in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines Ezypay are experts in direct debit payments. Ezypay is the growth businesses’ first choice of innovative payment solutions on a global scale.

Increase your business cash flow

The Ezypay direct debit software increases business cash flow.

Asking your customers for a payment takes your time and bringing cash all the time is an inconvenience for customers.  With the set and forget direct debit payment system you ask customers to fill in a payment plan once, then you don’t have to spend time on it again and they have the convenience of recurring payments coming out of their bank account or credit card.

Choose the Right Direct Debit Company

Choosing the right direct debit company is an important cash flow decision.

Sometimes it can be really hard to know which is the right direct debit company.  Our clients tell us they are glad they have chosen Ezypay for their direct debit company.  They feel safe and secure with our services, and it makes it easy for them to collect payments.  Here are some client testimonials for your to learn more about why our clients choose the direct debit company Ezypay.