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Ezypay’s cloud-based payment platform enables you to process recurring and one-off payments

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Software Partners & Integrators

Integrate your software with Ezypay to power payments

Explore the benefits of expanding your software into an all-in-one solution and generate revenue by partnering with us.

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Unlock your payment processing potential

Working with Ezypay is more than a payment integration — it’s an ultra partnership. We invest in working with your business every step of the way to achieve win-win outcomes. With a highly skilled team and extensive experience across Asia Pacific, we go beyond the integration to help you:


Understand and meet regulatory requirements 

Customer strategy

Develop and implement a customer support strategy


Engage with marketing to drive new business and increase revenue

What our partners say


“Our experience has been incredibly positive. Ezypay’s APIs are robust and easy to integrate with. The partnership has enabled us to solidify our Australian footprint while expanding together across APAC.”

Jarron Aizen

Founder, Hapana

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“Ezypay continues to exceed our standards so that our customers access the best technology and remain competitive in today’s market. The easy integration process demonstrates their determination to innovate and deliver the best solution.”

John-Paul Rahme

Founder, Xoda

Why Partner with Ezypay?

USP_Ultra Partnership

Ultra partnerships

Ezypay supports the growth of your business through revenue sharing, competitive pricing, local support for your customers and dedicated teams across all functions to ensure a win-win partnership model for your software company.

USP_Intelligent Payment Capture

Intelligent payment capture

Improve the collection outcomes of regular payments. Our complex recovery processes include but are not limited to network tokenisation, automated failed payment handling, subscription plan management and pre-debit notifications.

USP_MultiSplit Payouts

MultiSplit payouts

Enhance your business’s service offering and support the disbursement of third-party fees before settlement. Simplify the payment of regular third-party services at no extra cost to ensure merchants always stay on top of their payments. 

USP_NextGen Technology Platform

NextGen technology platform

Ezypay's powerful and flexible APIs turn your software into an all-in-one solution. Our modern cloud platform is built for integration and is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant — the highest level of payment security compliance available. 

USP_Unrivalled Geographical Coverage

Unrivalled geographical coverage

We operate in eight countries throughout Asia Pacific, maintaining strong working relationships with local banking institutions. Ezypay partners can fast-track their expansion using our experience and intimate local knowledge.

Ready to partner with us?

Ezypay Platform

Everything you need to power payments

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Automated Payments

Create bespoke payment plans to collect both recurring and one-off payments automatically.

Ezypay Website_UI Platform Features Payments & Invoicing

Payments & Invoicing

Securely process Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayTo transactions and bank transfers. 

Ezypay Website_UI Platform Features_Failed Payment Handling

Failed Payment Handling

Recover over 50% of failed payments on the first attempt with intelligent payment capture. 

Ezypay Website_UI Platform Features International Payments

International Payments

Expand with cost-effective payment solutions in a broad range of international currencies.

Ezypay Website_UI Platform Features_Automation Dashboard

Customer Management

Easily sign up customers anywhere, anytime, with easy-to-use sign-up forms and onboarding.

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Reporting & Analytics

Make confident, informed decisions with our inbuilt suite of financial reports.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn about setting up an integration or partnership with Ezypay. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Visit the Developer Hub or contact our team today.

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How does Ezypay’s fee revenue sharing work?

Ezypay’s fee revenue sharing structure is customised to each software partner’s integration. Contact our Strategic Partnerships team to find out more about our pricing model.

What payment methods does Ezypay support?

Ezypay supports multiple payment methods, such as bank accounts, debit and credit cards, and PayTo. Please refer to our full list of supported payment methods, as availability varies by region.

What regions does Ezypay support?

Ezypay currently facilitates payment processing across the Asia Pacific region. Find out which countries we support by visiting our International Payments page.

Does Ezypay migrate data?

Looking to integrate with Ezypay for payments? Ezypay makes migrating customers from your existing payment provider easy, and we have a team dedicated to facilitating this process.

Where can I find Ezypay’s API documentation?

You can find our API documentation, including integration guides and API references, on the Ezypay Developer Hub. If you ever need help with implementation, contact our team for support.

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