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Taking business to the next level

Ezypay allows you to manage recurring payments across multiple sites, multiple currencies and multiple payment methods.

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Manage and customise subscription plans 

Easily set up multiple dynamic subscription plans with customised direct debit instructions to support your business and marketing campaigns. Create plans based on commitment term, frequency of billing and start date.

Increased Business Sales

Increase business sales through automation

Turn your customers into subscribers and increase recurring revenue. With Ezypay’s payment plans, you can take the first step towards automating payment collection.

Save time and cost

Save time, cost and manpower

Manage your payment plans anywhere, anytime on any device. Ezypay is the one platform you need to eliminate the manual calculation, collection and overheads associated with your main and promotional payment plans. Save on valuable resources with Ezypay.

Payment Plans

Flexible and responsive subscription payment plans

Save time, cost and get paid. Easily set up multiple payment plans with pre-defined payment instructions such as debit amount, payment type, frequency and terms of payment. Once set up, customers can sign up, and you can manage your payment plan templates across a variety of devices – web, mobile or tablet.


Manage Add-Ons and Promotions

Payment plans that support your marketing campaigns

Entice customers and drive revenue with promotional plans to support your marketing and sales strategy.  Easily create exclusive, limited or ongoing subscription plans and product bundles with add-ons, special offers, free trials and promotional discounts with a click of a mouse.

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Upgrades and Downgrades

Price adjustments made easy

With automatic price adjustments and prorated amount calculations, you can decide on pricing and upgrade or downgrade subscription payment plans without having to worry about complex manual calculations and formulas.


Adding Payment Plans

Create a payment plan in 5 steps

Step One: Access your Ezypay account

Step Two: Click on the Payments Plans tab on the top navigation bar.

Step Three: Click on the +Add button

Step Four: Once you have completed all the required fields, the orange Confirm button will appear. Click Confirm to add the payment plan.

Step Five: You can now add customers to the payment plan under the Customers tab.

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A payment platform to manage recurring payments across multiple sites, and multiple payment methods. Use it by itself or integrated into your business software with our APIs. See all features list



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Your questions answered

Do you have a question about subscription payment plans? We’re here to help.
Browse through the most common FAQ below or contact us directly to ask your own question.

What is a payment plan?


A payment plan is an agreement between a business and their customers which allows them to pay for a product or service in small instalment payments over a period of time. These payments will often be ongoing for the duration of the contract, or until a total collection amount is met.

Payment plans can be easily created and managed within Ezypay with pre-defined payment instructions such as debit amount, frequency, payment method and terms of payment. Once set up, customers can sign up, and payment plans can be managed across a variety of devices – PC, mobile or tablet.

How do payment plans work?


Payment plans work by splitting a large payment up into smaller instalment payments, or by collecting a certain amount on a regular basis for ongoing subscriptions. Once the payment terms are set, payments are then collected at the frequency and amount agreed upon by the customer.

After signing a customer up to a payment plan, Ezypay will collect payments based on the instructions set in the payment plan. For example, if the payment plan specifies $10 to be collected weekly, then Ezypay will debit the customer for $10 every week until the contract ends, or the desired collection amount is met.

How to set up a payment plan?


Payment plans are generally set up by a business and can be created according to a preferred payment frequency and amount. These can be set up manually by requesting a payment at regular intervals, or through a recurring payment system to automatically debit the customer according to the payment plan.

A payment plan can be set up through Ezypay in a few easy steps. This quick process makes it simple to manage any number of customers and payment plans.

How to set up payment plans for your business?


Whilst payment plans can be set up manually (by invoicing customers on a regular basis and creating a payment plan agreement), the best way to set up payment plans for your business is through a recurring payments platform. Simply use the platform to create payment plans and link them to customers for automatic collection of payments.

Ezypay enables payment plans to be created and assigned to customers easily. Bespoke plans can also be created for individual customers if custom payment terms are required.

How to write a payment plan agreement?


A payment plan agreement is a contract that outlines the terms of the payment plan. You will need to include the details of the business and customer, as well as the agreed payment details. Next, specify the details of the payment plan including the final balance, debit amount, debit frequency, debit date and any further debit instructions. Finally, include the governing law and details for late payments and penalties the customer may face.

When using Ezypay, these details are automatically included in the online customer sign-up form and do not have to be created manually for each customer.

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