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PayTo: Revolutionising payments in Australia

PayTo revolutionises direct-debit payments and the way businesses collect payments from their customers in Australia

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What is PayTo?

PayTo is the latest innovation in payments in Australia, revolutionising direct-debit payments and the way that businesses collect money from their customers. PayTo payments happen in real time, with near instant verification of funds in the customer account. 

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Improved customer self service

Customers can manage their PayTo Agreements from within their banking app. Moving PayTo agreements between bank accounts and financial institutions can be done with ease, and with no interruption to billing.


Real-time bank-to-bank payments

PayTo is speeding up bank-to-bank payments for businesses. Traditional direct debit suffers from a three (3) day response time. PayTo processes payments in real-time, with funds verified instantly.

Customer strategy

Enhanced customer validation

PayTo is reducing payments related risk through the addition of customer payment mandates. Customers must accept PayTo Agreements in their banking-app before billing can commence.

PayTo benefits for business owners
Benefits for Customers

Secure payments and enhanced self-service

PayTo delivers exceptional customer experiences, creating greater self-service opportunities and providing greater protection from fraudulent transactions. 

  • Enhanced security and fraud prevention
  • Simple, paperless sign-up process
  • Manage PayTo through banking app
  • Easy PayTo Agreement movement
    from different bank accounts
PayTo offers businesses numerous benefits, including real time verification and enhanced billing capabilities
Benefits for Businesses

Enhanced billing with real-time verification

Businesses can bill with confidence. Know if the payment is successful with real-time funds verification and notifications during every stage of the payment cycle. 

  • Real-time customer and funds verification
  • Improved customer self-service
  • Reduced chargebacks and disputes
  • Payment processing 24/7 including weekends and public holidays

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