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Ezypay’s cloud-based payment platform enables you to process recurring and one-off payments

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Payments & invoicing

Cater to customer needs by securely accepting multiple payment methods and in multiple currencies – from customers around the world.

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Effortless payment collection

 Ezypay’s robust payment solution gives your business the flexibility to offer multiple payment methods and currency options. Our robust payment platform is PCI DSS compliant, meaning your business can process payments with confidence – knowing that your customer’s information is kept safe and sound 


  • Increase revenue and cater to a more diverse spectrum of customers  
  • Maximise collection rates with Ezypay’s smart billing technology  
  • Collect payments from internationally based customers  
  • Bill with confidence with our fully PCI DSS secure platform 

Payments and invoicing

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Supports all major payment types

Increase revenue and cater to more customers by supporting multiple payment types and methods. Ezypay accepts payments from bank account, PayTo (AU only), Visa, MasterCard and American Express 


Increased collection rates

Ezypays smart billing technology means our customers enjoy increased collection rates and a reduced likelihood of failed payments. Choose to bill your customers at any time, on any day of the week.  

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Secure way to pay

All electronic payment collection via Ezypay is compliant with taxation standards and PCI DSS. Rest assured that your tax, sensitive business and customer data is being handled at the highest level of data security 

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Collect global payments the local way

Dealing with international currencies doesn’t have to be complicated. Ezypay can process transactions in a variety of currencies – from Australian dollars to Malaysian Rigot, Korean Won and beyond.  

Ezypay Platform

Discover more features

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Automated payments

Create bespoke payment plans to collect both recurring and one-off payments automatically.

Ezypay Website_UI Platform Features APAC Payments

Payment expertise across APAC

Tap into Ezypay’s intimate payment knowledge across APAC.

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Failed payment handling

Intelligent payment capture recovers over 50% of payments that fail on the first attempt.

Ezypay Website_UI Platform Features_Automation Dashboard

Customer management

Sign-up customers anywhere, anytime, with user-friendly online onboarding.

Ezypay Website_UI Platform Features Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics

Make informed decisions fast with inbuilt financial reports.

Experience a better way for your customers to pay