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Taking business to the next level

Ezypay allows you to manage recurring payments across multiple sites, and multiple payment methods.

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Higher collection rates

Bill your customers any day of the week at different rates, currency and speed up payments with automated electronic invoicing. Ezypay uses direct debit payments which significantly improves the success rate of payment collection. Our Australian clients constantly achieve a 99.5% successful payment collection rate.

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Major cards accepted

Ezypay accepts direct bank account payments and online debit and credit card payments via Visa, MasterCard and American Express around the world. Increase revenue and cater to more customers by supporting multiple payment types and methods with Ezypay.

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Secure way to pay

All electronic invoicing and payment collection via Ezypay are compliant with taxation standards and PCI DSS. Rest assured that your tax, sensitive business and customer data is being handled at the highest level of data security and within the law.


Payment Collection

Flexible payment collection adaptable to any type of plan

You create a payment plan, and Ezypay will do the rest. Our solution can automatically collect from your customers, and caters for a range of arrangements, from one-off to recurring payments and even advanced collections. We are flexible and can support any one-off or permanent changes to payment dates, methods or plans to keep your customers satisfied and help them pay you.

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Multiple Payment Options

Support and track direct debit and online card payments

We handle payments via direct debit banking, online payments, debit cards and credit cards. Our online payment gateway is a fast, convenient and secure way to pay with Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Real time notifications are sent to customers confirming their card payment success or failure. Avoid outstanding payments and give your customers time to resolve payment issues with their bank or Ezypay.


Cross Border Settlements

Collect global payments the local way

Local and global support is provided for all our clients so you can avoid any unexpected currency conversions fees, reduce false declines and save costs. Make it convenient for your customers and improve your accounting transparency by billing in the customer’s local currency. Ezypay’s payment plans will automatically convert payments from local currency into your preferred currency.

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A payment platform to manage recurring payments across multiple sites, and multiple payment methods. Use it by itself or integrated into your business software with our APIs. See all features list



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Your questions answered

Do you have a question about payments and invoicing? We’re here to help.
Browse through the most common FAQ below or contact us directly to ask your own question.

How to ask for payment of an overdue invoice?


When asking for an overdue invoice, it’s helpful to be considerate and understanding of your customer’s situation. Email is usually the first point of contact, but if that doesn’t work, you can try a phone call or speak with them in person. It’s important to state the original payment terms that were set so that your customer understands their obligations.

Ezypay removes the need for manual invoices by automating both the payment collection process and pre-debit reminders to improve payment collection and cash flow without the need to regularly chase up customers.

How to put payment terms on an invoice?


Payment terms should be clear and concise to avoid confusion and non-payment of invoices. Include specific details of the payment terms (invoice due date and amount) and clearly specify the terms if a payment is late. Ensure these are visible and avoid hiding them in the fine print.

When creating a payment plan in Ezypay, you can simply set your desired direct debit instructions such as frequency of payments, amounts to be collected and payment methods. These instructions will then be outlined on your customer’s invoice.

How to write invoice payment terms?


Invoice payment terms define the boundaries and obligations for a payment. When writing the payment terms, it is important to include the final balance (if there is one), the debit amount, debit frequency, debit date/day and any further instructions for payment. It is also important to outline any penalties such as late or failed payment fees that the customer may face.

When using Ezypay, the invoice payment terms can be automatically delivered via email when a customer signs up for a payment plan, saving you from generating and sending these yourself time and time again.

How to keep track of invoices and payments?


Depending on the volume of customers and how your invoices are being sent out, you could opt for a manual solution using tools like spreadsheets, calendars and accounting books, or you could make use of accounting software to simplify the process. Many payment providers will provide dashboards and reports to help you keep track of your customer payments.

Ezypay offers a dashboard and multiple reports to track customers, invoices and payments. These reports provide you with much-needed visibility to answer the most common and crucial financial concerns and queries.

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