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Michael found rapid growth in his business as his passion for helping Australians achieve better health truly resonated with the market. However, as it grew, so did the complexity around finances.

“It took me 9 years to sign up, but I’ve never looked back since. Ezypay completely changed my business for the better.”

The solution? Introducing a completely automated direct debiting system that collects the subscription fees from members without Michael and his team having to lift a finger. 


About Camperdown Fitness

Camperdown Fitness is a fitness centre in Sydney, with around 3,500 loyal members and a team of around 20 staff, offering everything from classes and a gym space, to personal trainers and fitness programs.

Michael is the proud founder, and he built his business on a genuine passion to help Australians achieve better health.

This passion gained momentum quite quickly as more people began to join and his membership expanded.


The Situation

As Camperdown Fitness grew, so did the complexity around finances.

“Money just came in and money went out – it was very basic because I kept it simple. My focus was on my clients.”

But he soon found that his manual processes for charging membership fees were taking up more and more time every month, to the point where he had to hire several people to do this for him.

It was costing the business an increasing amount of time and money, from both labour costs as well as running his direct debiting through a bank, which attracted a high amount of fees.

“It became this essential part of the business that was holding me back.”


Searching for the Right Partner

That’s when Michael discovered Ezypay.

Michael met Dan from Ezypay, who began to explain that there was a simple solution to solve this problem.

"Dan and I had been discussing Ezypay for around 9 years, and when I finally made the decision to use it, I realised it was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

"Ezypay simplified everything - freeing up a lot of time and saving me a lot of money."



How did Ezypay help Camperdown Fitness?

Camperdown Fitness now has a completely automated direct debiting system that collects the subscription fees from members without Michael and his team having to lift a finger.

“Ezypay simplified everything - freeing up a lot of time and saving me a lot of money. It just takes care of that side of my operation, so I can focus on my passion for improving client health and growing my business.”

Shifting over from tedious manual processing to automated billing was a really painless transition for Michael.

“I’m not a big company, but I still get treated like one by Dan and the team. Ezypay’s support made it so easy. You don’t often see service like this anymore.”

“Ezypay worked really well for me and was a perfect fit for my business. If you’re still manually processing your regular bills, you need to use Ezypay to do this all for you.”

Michael, Founder of Camperdown Fitness

About Ezypay

Ezypay is a multi-award winning fintech company and one of Australia’s leading subscription payment providers. They are committed to making it easy for Australian, New Zealand and international businesses to settle complex financial scenarios and generate revenue with a single solution.

Ezypay’s cloud-based payment platform offers a suite of easy-to-use subscription management services including generation and automation of flexible subscription plans, customer sign-ups, invoicing, reporting and global capabilities. This makes Ezypay a best in class solution for businesses in the health and fitness sector looking to grow with direct debit collection at any scale - be it for a number of franchised gyms or health clubs, or for a personal training business run by a sole proprietor.

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