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We’re delighted to announce that Ezypay is sponsoring the Proptech Podcast hosted by Kylie Davis. The Proptech Podcast is one of Australia’s leading real estate technology podcasts. With consumers expecting a seamless experience, embedded payments are becoming a necessity for Proptech solutions. The sponsorship with the Proptech Podcast enables Ezypay to reach more Proptech providers, and continue to spread our industry leading payments knowledge with the real estate and property management industry.


Proptech podcast announcement blog


The Proptech Podcast explores the brave new world where technology and real estate collide. 

Hosted by Australian Proptech expert, Kylie Davis, the podcast is based on the belief that we need to create and grow a sense of community between the innovators and real estate agents. Each episode introduces listeners to a Proptech innovator who is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and explores the issues and challenges raised by tech and how amazing property experiences can be created. 

“The podcast highlights innovation in the real-estate industry, so it’s a great opportunity for Ezypay to share our subscription payments expertise and insights with the industry.”

Georgia Giannaros, Ezypay Strategic Partnerships Manager

Along with the sponsorship, Ezypay Chief Executive Officer, James Foster, will be joining Kylie to share Ezypay’s subscription payments insights with the audience. We’re excited for James to share his wealth of subscription payments knowledge and expertise with Kylie’s listeners.


Want to learn more? Discover more about how we’re powering Proptech payments here.





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