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XODA and Ezypay help manage failed payments for gym members

  • June 27, 2024   ⎯   5 mins read

One of the most complex and recurring challenges faced by gym owners is the ability to effectively manage failed payments from their members. Whether due to insufficient funds, expired credit cards, or other reasons: handling failed payments is time-consuming and frustrating.

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue in the form of XODA and Ezypay - two companies leading the charge to make failed payment handling far smoother and more efficient than ever.

How does XODA streamline common gym management processes?

XODA is a cutting-edge CRM (customer relationship management) software solution designed to cater to the unique needs of fitness businesses - including gyms and health clubs.

One of XODA's standout features is its ability to streamline payment management, including handling failed payments.

1. Keep up to date with automated notifications

XODA can send automated notifications to members if their payments fail. These notifications include information on why the payment failed and clear instructions on how to resolve the failed payment.

2. XODA's innovative member app

XODA offers a member app for smartphones and other smart devices. Gym members can use this app to easily update their payment information, reducing the burden on gym staff.

3. Innovative payment tracking for club owners

Gym owners can track payment histories and quickly identify members with recurring payment issues, allowing for proactive follow-up.



How does Ezypay simplify the process of collecting gym membership fees?

Ezypay is a payment facilitator who creates a payment processing solution trusted by gyms and fitness centres worldwide. Ezypay offers a range of features to simplify the process of collecting gym membership payments and reduce the occurrence of failed payments.

1. Set and forget scheduled payments

Ezypay allows gym owners to schedule recurring payments, reducing the chances of late or failed payments. Additionally, gym owners can create tailored payment plans tailored to specific customer needs.

2. Enjoy multiple payment options

Members can choose from various payment methods, making it simple and convenient to keep their payments up to date. Customers can even add a backup payment method.

3. Automatic payment reminders

Ezypay sends automatic payment reminders to gym members, ensuring they are aware of upcoming payments, which helps to reduce the chance of a failed transaction.


What makes the integration between XODA and Ezypay so great?

By combining their collective platforms, XODA and Ezypay’s partnership represents an innovative gym member management solution for the modern gym owner. Through integrating, XODA and Ezypay have combined their collective technologies and transformed the health and fitness industry for the better.

1. Efficient member communication:

The combination of XODA's automated notifications and Ezypay's flexible payment options ensures members receive timely alerts and effortlessly resolve payment issues, ensuring that their gym membership doesn't lapse or fall into arrears.

2. Safe, reliable and accurate payments:

XODA and Ezypay's use of integrated systems and secure embedded payment technology means that member payment information is always up to date and stored in a secure environment - reducing the chances of failed payments due to outdated details.


Discover a solution to failed payment woes

In the ever-evolving fitness industry, managing failed payments for gym members is a critical task that can make or break a business.

XODA and Ezypay offer an effective and efficient solution to this challenge.

By automating notifications, maintaining innovative member portals, and offering secure, flexible payment options - these integrated systems combine to ensure that gym owners can focus on what matters most: providing an excellent fitness experience to their members.

With XODA and Ezypay, managing failed payments becomes a seamless part of gym operations, contributing to member satisfaction and business success.

To learn more about Ezypay or XODA, get in touch.

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