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Recurring payments
made easy

Ezypay’s partnership with uCollect will transform the way you control and collect recurring payments through your accounting software.



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Effortlessly handle your payment collection through billing automation.

Provide payment options


Provide payment options

Offer customers more payment options. Ezypay accepts direct bank payments and online debit and credit card payments via Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Increase revenue and cater to more clients by supporting multiple payment types and automatic collection with Ezypay. Our responsive online forms work across multiple channels and devices allowing customers to sign up 24/7.

Easy reconciliation with uCollect


Easily reconcile payments with uCollect

uCollect provides deep integration with your Xero or Quickbooks online accounting software so that your collections are fully automated and easily reconciled. Simply use uCollect to connect directly to your accounting software and mark your contacts with Ezypay to start collecting payments automatically.

Available across APAC


Available across the APAC region

Ezypay has proven capability across the APAC region and is completely scalable with your business. With local banking partnerships, you can rest assured that Ezypay has the capability and experience to support your business across the 9 countries that we operate in the APAC region.

Fair and competitive pricing


Fair and competitive pricing

Know what to expect from the start with fair, transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Customers shouldn’t be subject to unreasonable fees or strict credit limits and neither should your business, that’s why Ezypay only charges minimal fees at a fair rate, with no maximum plan value. 

Automate recurring payments


Automate recurring payments

Save time and money with automated subscription billing. Easily create bespoke payment plans for your business by setting direct debit instructions such as frequency of payments, amounts to be collected and payment methods. No more manually managing invoices and payment collection. 

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How Ezypay works

 Ezypay is a cloud based subscription payment platform. Manage recurring direct debit payments across multiple sites, multiple payment methods and multiple currencies. We’ve got all the direct debit features you need.


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Ezypay Pricing

There is no minimum monthly transaction amount or value you must reach and there is no business set-up fee or monthly fees to keep you going.
The only fees we charge are transaction fees, failed payment fees and a once-off load fee for each new customer.


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Your questions answered

Do you have a question about setting up an Ezypay account? We’re here to help.
Browse through the most common FAQ below or contact us directly to ask your own question.

Can direct debits be set up as per the customers' preference (i.e. collect weekly, fortnightly or monthly)?


Yes, you have the flexibility to alter payment plans to meet your customers' preferences. Easily set up multiple payment plans with direct debit instructions based on term, quantity or usage.

Are there transaction fees for direct debit and credit cards?


Yes, there are fees for both direct debit and credit card transactions. Fees can be paid by either the business or customer.

Is there a fee to load customers into Ezypay?


Yes, there is a once-off load fee per customer that can be charged to either the customer or business.

What are the sign up cost/monthly fees?


Nothing! Opening an account with Ezypay is completely free and there are no monthly or annual fees on the account. The only fees included are the customer load fee when a customer signs up to your business (once-off fee), transaction fee and failed payment fee.

Can a customer sign themselves up to a payment plan?


Customers will not have access to the Ezypay portal but they can sign up to your payment plans online. A URL link is provided for each payment plan which you can share with customers through email/ website etc.

How quickly will I receive the money after it has been collected from my customers?


Your payments will be distributed on a weekly basis. Weekly distributions are collected from Saturday to Friday and funds are transferred into your business account on the following Wednesday.

Is there a minimum amount of transactions that I have to meet each month?


No. There is no minimum transactional amount or value that your business must reach each month.

Will the business or its customers be contracted to Ezypay for a minimum term?


Your customers will not have a contract or minimum term commitment to Ezypay. However, your business will be contracted to a defined term as per the applicable agreement.

Will a customer be notified if their payment fails?


Yes, when a payment has failed Ezypay will notify your customer of this and provide 2 payment recovery options to resolve the payment issue. Customers can either pay online via the Ezypay online payment portal or by calling our customer service team.

Can a customer update their payment details online?


Customers can get in touch with your business directly to update their payment details. 

Does Ezypay charge a failed payment fee? (i.e. due to insufficient funds or when the credit card has been overcharged etc.)


Yes. There is a failed payment fee that is charged for every payment that fails. This charge applies to payments that have failed due to insufficient funds, invalid account details, cancelled cards and blocks that have been put on the account.

Is customer information secure?


Yes! We are PCI compliant – the highest payment security accreditation. Our processes ensure that all sensitive business and customer details, billing, payments and card processing have been handled at the highest level of data security.

What are your customer support hours?


Ezypay customer service is available from 7am to 7pm on Monday to Friday (GMT+10). 

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