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PayTo and Direct Debit – What Are the Differences?

Direct debit has been making consumers' lives easier since the 1960s and remains a popular, efficient and cost-effective method of invoicing ...
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3 ways that PayTo is revolutionising the way businesses collect payments

The era of real-time bank payments has begun, and many companies are scrambling to incorporate instant bank-to-bank payments into their service ...
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How to deliver exceptional customer service with PayTo

Businesses are always looking to improve customer relations and reduce churn. Utilising PayTo is an easy way to improve your customers' overall ...
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How to Scale Your Business with Payment Software

One of the easiest ways to scale your business is by incorporating payment software into your service offering. Utilising payment software will ...
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Direct Deposit vs Direct Debit: Which Should I Choose for My Business?

As a business owner, you’re no doubt familiar with the importance of managing your company finances; from allocating a budget for operational ...
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Direct Debit Benefits – How Recurring Payments Drive Business Growth

Direct Debit Benefits: How Integrating Recurring Payments Can Drive Business Growth Integrating direct debit into your business model is a ...
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