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What's next for payments in Proptech? Ezypay CEO features on The Proptech Podcast

  • February 28, 2023   ⎯   mins read

Featuring on the latest episode of the Proptech Podcast, Ezypay Chief Executive Officer, James Foster, discussed the past, present and future of payments for the real estate and proptech industries. He joined Kylie Davis, host of The Proptech Podcast, to talk through the shortcomings of payments in the real estate industry and explained how new payments technology, including PayTo, can help real estate and property businesses get the most out of their payment collection.

"In the context of property management, (PayTo is) fantastic for landlords because it's guaranteeing they're getting paid, they're getting paid faster. It improves that whole process. So it is going to be a massive game changer."

James Foster, Ezypay CEO


What James discusses:

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:56 Ezypay Introduction
00:05:36 Subscription payment solution benefits
00:09:23 Failed payment scenarios
00:11:53 Subscription payments in the property space
00:16:09 Direct debit explanation
00:20:57 Direct debit short comings
00:24:42 Renter experience
00:28:07 Payment processing fees
00:30:31 Ezypay partners in the property space
00:34:18 PayTo and its benefits
00:48:08 Who can partner with Ezypay
00:53:12 Future of Ezypay

Episode Resources:

Want to see how Ezypay can partner with your business?  Ezypay offers a suite of APIs to power subscription billing for businesses of all sizes. View our Developer Hub or setup a free Sandbox test account. You can also book a consultation with one of our Pre-Sales Managers who will work with you to understand your business mission and develop a solution that suits your needs.

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