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Ezypay for Real Estate

Real Estate Direct Debit

Ezypay’s direct debit system for real estate will transform the way you manage rent collection and arrears.


Provide a secure, automated, and efficient way to pay and collect rent through our real estate direct debit solution.

Significantly reduce your arrears


Significantly reduce your arrears

Ezypay’s direct debit software for real estate agents enables you to maximise your cash flow and allows you to get paid faster with regular, on-time, and automated rent fee collection. Ezypay’s has a proven track record of collecting over 50% of failed payment that do not succeed on the first try. We automatically notify and rebill tenants and provide them with multiple payment options to resolve their failed payment.

Streamline your rent fee collection


Streamline your rent fee collection

Streamline your payment process with Ezypay’s real estate direct debit solution. Maximise your trust accounting set-up with automated rent fee collection or void the trust account altogether through direct payment to the landlords. We tailor the solution to ensure you meet industry regulations and provide the best experience for both landlords and tenants.

Expand your business with leading technology


Expand your property portfolio

Grow your real estate business with confidence. Ezypay has proven capability across the APAC region and is completely scalable as your business grows. The Ezypay technology is built with a powerful toolkit and the flexibility to perfectly support and scale your business with the perfect direct debit software for real estate agents.

Security and Compliance


Security and compliance

Ezypay’s direct debit system for real estate is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) accredited and is compliant with the relevant Australian and local country banking rules and regulations. Ensure all your tenants’ debit and credit card handling, billing, and payment processing are achieved at the highest level of security. Make compliance our job, not yours.

Offer tenants payment options


Offer tenants payment options

Ezypay’s real estate direct debit solution accepts bank direct debits, debit card, and credit card payments via Visa and MasterCard. Retain tenants, and cater to more tenants when you advertise your capability to support multiple payment types through Ezypay. Our responsive online forms work across multiple channels and devices.

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Our Recurring Payments Specialist will be in touch to discuss your needs and advise on the Ezypay features best suited for your business. They can also answer any questions you may have to prepare your business for automated subscription billing.

What customers say about Ezypay

instarentlogoupdated“ Ezypay helps us with our accounts side to process payments and innovates our payments ecosystem and infrastructure. It's quite beneficial to have. " 

 AJ Chand, Founder of Instarent


How Ezypay works

Ezypay is a cloud-based subscription payment platform used across real estate agencies and other property related businesses. Through Ezypay, your agency or property management company can easily manage recurring direct debit for rent or tenant bills across multiple funnels, accepting multiple payment methods and multiple currencies. We’ve got all the direct debit features you need.

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Ezypay payment plans

Got questions about pricing?

All pricing plans for real estate agencies include multi-site management on one account, cross border settlements which allows you to collect debit across different countries, 
multi-currency settlement (e.g. sell in NZD but collect in AUD), online payment plans and an online payment gateway to collect failed debits.


There is no minimum monthly transaction amount or value you must reach and fees can be paid by either the business or passed down to your customers.

Best of all there is no business set-up fee or monthly fees to keep you going.


Still got questions? We can answer your pricing questions during your FREE consultation with a Recurring Payments Specialist. 


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How do I setup an account?

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Your Real Estate Direct Debit Questions Answered

Do you have a question about setting up an Ezypay account? We’re here to help.
Browse through the most common questions for real estate companies below or contact us directly to ask your own question.

How does direct debit software for real estate agents work?


Yes, you have the flexibility to alter payment plans to meet your customers' preferences. Easily set up multiple payment plans with direct debit instructions based on term, quantity or usage.

Are there transaction fees involved?


Yes, there are fees that will apply for both direct debit and credit card transactions. Fees can be paid by either you or your tenant.

Can tenants set up direct debit to their preferences?


Yes, Ezypay's direct debit solutions for the real estate industry allows tenants to choose the the frequency with which they complete payments for rent or bills. Tenants will be able to choose their frequency, and you can then input their preferences in your Ezypay portal. Ezypay allows landlords to quickly set up multiple payment plans with direct debit instructions based on term, quantity, or usage for different tenants across multiple houses.


Tenants do not have access to the Ezypay portal - the URL link they sign up with will not allow them to amend their preferences. That will need to be completed by the real estate agent or landlord.

Can I see a demonstration?


Yes, of course! When you book an Ezypay demo online, a Recurring Payments Specialist will show you the capabilities of the Ezypay software within the realm of real estate.


In the consultation, you can review and compare how you currently collect rent, how your property portfolio would fit into the software, and answer any relevant questions on how Ezypay’s real estate direct debit solutions could work for you.


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Does Ezypay offer reporting capabilities?


If you have multiple properties are looking to evaluate the revenue your portfolio, Ezypay provides eight real-time reports that you can access at any time on our basic platform. The reporting section features a Distribution Report, Transaction Details Report, Outstanding Failed Payment Report, Distribution Tax Report, Tenant List Report, Invalid Tenant Details Report and Change Event Report.  


A 9th report, the Trend Analysis Report, is easily added to your plan as an additional service. This comprehensive report enables you to track the progress of your rental portfolio as the months go by. Through this report, landlords and real estate agents can view trends in customer billing, transaction value and failed payments value and volumes.

What is the sign-up cost?


There is no sign-up cost when opening an account with Ezypay, and there are no monthly or annual fees. The only fees associated with our direct debit software for real estate agents are the one-off tenant loading fee when you sign them up to the direct debit software, a transaction fee, and a failed payment fee. 

What happens if a payment fails?


An automatic notification will be sent to the tenant if a rental payment fails. The tenant will then be provided with two payment recovery options to resolve the issue: 


  1. Using the Ezypay online payment portal to complete the payment. 
  2. Contact the Ezypay customer service team.


Ezypay's Real estate direct debit also includes an auto 'rebill' option. Here, the software will immediately attempt to collect the payment again after a failed attempt. Ezypay's rebill option is easily customised to meet the needs of your educational institute and the payment patterns of your students. 


For each failed payment, you can then edit the amount to be collected, change the rebill date, write off, or add the outstanding failed amount to the next payment to be collected.

Is there a fee if the payment fails?


Yes, for any payments in the form of rent or bills that aren't completed, the card or chosen payment method of the tenant will be charged a flat fee for failed payment. This charge can be applied to payments that have failed due to insufficient funds, invalid account details, cancelled cards, or other blocks that have been put on the account.

Is there a fee to load customers into Ezypay?


Yes, there is a once-off load fee per customer that can be charged to either the customer or business.

Are there transaction fees for direct debit and credit cards?


Yes, there are fees for both direct debit and credit card transactions. Fees can be paid by either the business or customer.

How quickly will I receive the money after it has been collected from my customers?


This depends on your chosen distribution cycle (i.e. weekly or monthly). Weekly distributions are collected from Monday to Friday and funds are transferred into your business account on the following Wednesday.


If you prefer to have collected rent and property fees transferred on a monthly basis, monthly distributions collected throughout the month will be transferred into your account after 3 business days the following month.

How do I download the customer list for my business?


Your Customer List Report is located under the REPORTS tab on our secure site. You can generate the report in real time and export the data in popular formats, including PDF, CSV, and Excel.

What are your customer support hours?


Ezypay customer service is available from 8am to 6pm on Monday to Friday (GMT+10). However, the Ezypay secure site is accessible online 24/7, worldwide.

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