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Ezypay Product Overview

Product Overview

Ezypay is a cloud based subscription payment platform that enables you to manage recurring direct debit payments across multiple sites, multiple payment methods and multiple currencies. It can be used as a standalone platform, integrated into your existing business software or partner with us for platform integration.

Dynamic Subscription Plans

Subscription Plan Management

Easy to set up and bill your customers any day of the week at different rates and multiple payment methods. Turn customers into subscribers with flexible subscription plans from simple straight recurring direct debit payments to more complex arrangements.

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Communicate & Engage with Customers

Customer Sign-Up & Management

Sign up customers anytime, anywhere. Easily create online sign-up forms aligned with your brand identity and logo that work across all devices - desktop, mobile and tablet. Provide top quality customer experience with automated communications for sign-ups, failed payments and account changes.

Payment Options

Payments & Invoicing

Ezypay supports the combination of one-off and recurring payments and allows you to accept payments via direct debit banking, online payments, debit cards and credit cards to maximise your payment collection rates and revenue. Generate electronic invoices for immediate payment or automate invoices for recurring payments effortlessly.

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Automated Payment Recovery (Dunning Process)

Failed Payment Handling

No more manual collections for failed or outstanding payments. Ezypay sends automated failure notifications to customers and performs smart rebills on your behalf to recover failed payments. The Ezypay platform uses an intelligent payment routing system optimised to effectively reduce the failure risk of payment and maximise collection.

Instant Information

Reporting & Analytics

Access financial reporting and customer trend analysis that is structured and automated to help you consistently make the best decisions for your business. Waste no more time on spreadsheets and complex formulas. Ezypay gives you the ability to integrate data into your current business software via Ezypay APIs.

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Accept Payments Around The World

Global Capability

Dealing with multiple currencies and cross border settlements doesn’t have to be complex. Simply set direct debit instructions for cross border settlements and we will handle the rest. Ezypay accepts a broad range of international currencies across Australasia and Southeast Asia for cost-effective flexible payment solutions.

Ezypay Platform Benefits

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Automate recurring payments

No more wasting time, paper or manpower on collecting outstanding payments every week when you automate your direct debit payment collection with Ezypay.

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Increased cash flow and collection rate

Recover lost revenue and increase cash flow from recurring payments with multiple channels for smart failed payment handling, customer sign-ups and customisable payment plans.


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Industry grade security + PCI compliance

Accredited with the highest payment security accreditation - PCI Compliance. Our stringent processes, tokenisation solution and payment vault ensure that all billing, payments and card handling are met at the highest level of data security.

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Your questions answered

Do you have a question about direct debits? We’re here to help.
Browse through the most common FAQ below or contact us directly to ask your own question.

What is direct debit?


Direct debit is an agreement initiated by a business to withdraw funds from a customer’s account. Direct debit typically refers to bank transactions, but can also include debit and credit card payments. A direct debit transaction requires authority from the customer, where the customer must confirm the amount being deducted and the frequency of payments if ongoing. Manual bank transfer (EFT) which is initiated by the customer (even if it is scheduled within their internet banking) is not classified a direct debit transaction.

Ezypay accepts direct debit and online card payments via Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

How does direct debit work?


Direct debit first requires collecting authority from a customer using a Direct Debit Request form. Once the customer has given their authority to withdraw the amount specified in the agreement, the funds are debited from their account according to the instructions set in the agreement.

Ezypay offers online sign-up forms to easily collect direct debit authority from customers and sign them up to payment plans. Once a payment plan is in place, Ezypay will debit the customer until either the total payment amount is collected, the debit end date is met, or the payment plan is cancelled.

How to set up a direct debit?


Direct debit payments are generally set up by a business according to the preferred payment frequency and amount. These can be set up manually by completing a direct debit authority form and submitting it to the bank, or through a recurring payment system to automatically debit the customer according to a direct debit payment plan.

A direct debit can easily be set up in Ezypay using an online sign-up form or by collecting and entering a customer’s details in person. The customer can then be added to a direct debit payment plan.

Is direct debit safe?


Direct debit is one of the safest payment methods available as they are often governed by either the bank or card scheme used for payment. Transactions are constantly monitored and if any fraudulent or unusual payments are detected, they will simply be declined. PCI compliant payment providers, such as Ezypay, also go through stringent compliance checks to ensure the highest level of security for payment handling and storage is maintained.

What are the advantages of direct debit?


Direct debit has many advantages when compared to other payment methods:
- It puts businesses in control of payments to ensure they are collected on time.
- It allows businesses to better predict ongoing revenue.
- It is often less expensive to process than other payment methods.
- It enables customers to set and forget payments to the business for a recurring product or service delivery.
- It has a higher success rate when compared to regular card payments which can expire.
- Payment amount and frequency can be adjusted without completing a new Direct Debit Request form.

What are the disadvantages of direct debit?


Unlike card payments which are processed instantly, bank direct debit payments have a 3-day processing time before they can be marked as successful. If the payment fails, you will often be notified before the end of the 3-day cycle. Direct debit can also become costly and difficult to implement when going straight to the bank so a third-party processor such as Ezypay is often preferred.

How to get direct debit for my business?


There are 2 main methods for introducing direct debit to a business. The first method is by going directly to the bank to set up the direct debit facilities used to collect payments. This process can become costly and requires a merchant bank account and approval from the bank to do so. The second method is to use a third-party payment processor, such as Ezypay. This is much easier to implement and manage, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

You can apply for an Ezypay account at www.ezypay.com/apply-now.

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