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Ezypay’s cloud-based payment platform enables you to process recurring and one-off payments

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What our partners say


“Our experience has been incredibly positive. Ezypay’s APIs are robust and easy to integrate with. The partnership has enabled us to solidify our Australian footprint while expanding together across APAC.”

Jarron Aizen

Founder, Hapana

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“Ezypay continues to exceed our standards so that our customers access the best technology and remain competitive in today’s market. The easy integration process demonstrates their determination to innovate and deliver the best solution.”

John-Paul Rahme

Founder, Xoda

Unlock the power of payment processing in 3 easy steps

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Customise Ezypay with your brand logo

  • Navigate to your Profile via the Dashboard
  • Select the Edit option adjacent to your Business Name
  • Upload your brand's logo to personalise your presence.
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Create your payment plans

  • Navigate to the Plans tab, click the plus (+) icon
  • Fill out the fields to create a payment plan
  • Ensure you click Yes to make the plan available for Customer Online Signup
  • Make sure to enable Customer Online Signup by selecting Yes
  • Your Online Signup form for this plan will now be live! Simply copy the URL link into your address bar to see how it looks
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Sign up your customers

  • Direct your customers to the Online Signup form, or add them into the Ezypay platform manually.
  • Insert the Online Signup URL link into promotional emails, social media platforms or your website so your customers can sign up to your recurring payment plans
  • Alternatively, you can add your customers into the platform manually. You can then either subscribe them to a payment plan or start billing without a subscription.
  • That's it! Your customers are set up for automatic recurring payment collection.

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Ezypay Platform

Everything you need to power payments

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Automated Payments

Create bespoke payment plans to collect both recurring and one-off payments automatically.

Ezypay Website_UI Platform Features Payments & Invoicing

Payments & Invoicing

Securely process Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayTo transactions and bank transfers. 

Ezypay Website_UI Platform Features_Failed Payment Handling

Failed Payment Handling

Recover over 50% of failed payments on the first attempt with intelligent payment capture. 

Ezypay Website_UI Platform Features International Payments

International Payments

Expand with cost-effective payment solutions in a broad range of international currencies.

Ezypay Website_UI Platform Features_Customer Management

Customer Management

Easily sign up customers anywhere, anytime, with easy-to-use sign-up forms and onboarding.

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Reporting & Analytics

Make confident, informed decisions with our inbuilt suite of financial reports.

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Experience an ultra partnership

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about your Ezypay account?

Browse through the FAQ or contact us directly to ask your own questions.

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How do I access my Ezypay account?

To access your Ezypay account, please go to https://portal.ezypay.com/login. The login credentials have been sent to you in a separate email.

The Ezypay secure site allows you to:

-  Add new customers
-  Update customer details or payment schedules
-  Set up payment plans
-  Set up the Customer Online Signup features
-  Access reports

How quickly will I receive the money after it has been collected from my customers?

The timing of your fund transfers is tied to the settlement cycle you select, be it weekly or monthly. If you opt for a weekly cycle, all transactions collected from Monday through Friday, will be transferred into your business account by the subsequent Wednesday.

If you prefer to have collected funds transferred on a monthly basis, settlements collected throughout the month will be transferred into your account after 3 business days the following month.

What reports do Ezypay offer?

Ezypay provides 3 real-time reports - Settlement Report, Transaction Details Report & the Outstanding Collections Report (including failed payments) Report.

Can a customer update their payment details online?

Customers can get in touch with your business directly to update their payment details. They are only able to update their payment details and pay any outstanding amount on the Ezypay Online Payment Portal in the case of a failed payment. Once the payment is rectified, they can opt to save the new payment details for the next debit collection.

Is customer information secure?

Yes! We are PCI compliant – the highest payment security accreditation. Our processes ensure that all sensitive business and customer details, billing, payments and card processing have been handled at the highest level of data security.

What if I can't login to my account?

Check the date of the email with your login credentials. If it's been more than 7 days since you received it, the temporary password will have expired. In this case, please  contact us directly.

Will the business or its customers be contracted to Ezypay for a minimum term?

Your customers will not have a contract or minimum term commitment to Ezypay. However, your business will be contracted to a defined term as per the applicable agreement.

What are your customer support hours?

Ezypay customer support is available from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday (GMT+10). However, the Ezypay portal is accessible 24/7 around the world.

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