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Take control of your fitness business

A revolutionary platform, seamlessly integrating all essential functionalities in one place, designed to grow your business.

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Our Partnership

Who is Xoda?

XODA is a revolutionary platform designed specifically for the health and wellness industry. XODA offers the latest in innovative software to meet your business needs - seamlessly integrating all essential functionalities in one place - allowing you to effortlessly configure, optimise, and grow your business. 

What does the integration with Ezypay look like? 

XODA has partnered with Ezypay to offer a simple and flexible way to automate payments for your clients. The integration offers Xoda’s users enhanced flexibility including spreading payments over a specified time period, arranging direct debit membership withdrawals, and the ability to choose from multiple payment methods. Ezypay effortlessly integrates with XODA - making payment management a breeze. 

What do they offer?

Crafted by fitness experts with an intimate understanding of industry challenges, XODA offers a distinctive solution that empowers users to build and grow their business on an all-encompassing Freemium plan. In addition, XODA provides Premium and Ultimate options that allow gym and studio owners to take business to the next level as they expand and succeed. 

Partner success stories

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“Ezypay continues to exceed our standards so that our customers can access the best technology and remain competitive in today’s market. The easy integration process demonstrates their determination to innovate and deliver the best solution.”

John-Paul Rahme

Founder, Xoda

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