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Taking business to the next level

Ezypay allows you to manage recurring payments across multiple sites, and multiple payment methods.

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No matter what products or services you offer, having the right tools at your disposal to promote them to your customers can help drive interest and long term profitability. 

With Ezypay's Promotional Guidelines, we introduce you to a set of tools that help you position your business to drive new sales and increase cash flow. 


In these guidelines, you will find everything you need to promote your flexible Ezypay payment options to your customers and to incorporate Ezypay in your marketing materials, including:

  • How to use Ezypay logos and assets
  • How to collaborate with Ezypay effectively
  • How to talk about Ezypay
  • How to use the benefits of Ezypay to sell to your customers
  • How to include Ezypay on your website and across social media

Download the full promotional guidelines for more tips and info.


Download Promotional Guidelines  Download Assets & Resources


Ezypay Promotional Guidelines

Promotional Guidelines

Ezypay Logo

Ezypay logo white background

The Ezypay logo is primarily orange on a white background.


Alternative logo colours and options are available to allow you to find the best option for your assets. If you wish to use your own colour or image in the background, ensure you choose an option that maximises contrast so that the logo is clearly visible and legible.


Download Assets & Resources


Ezypay logo blue background

Orange Ezypay logo on an Ezypay Storm background


White Ezypay logo orange background

White Ezypay logo on an Ezypay Orange background


White Ezypay logo blue background

White Ezypay logo on an Ezypay Storm background



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Ezypay Badges

The Ezypay badges are a great way of letting your customers know that you offer Ezypay payment plans and to link them to more information. They can be used across your website, social or print and digital media.Download Assets & Resources


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Sizing and Spacing

When using our logo, it is important to ensure there is sufficient spacing surrounding the area to ensure that the presence of the Ezypay logo is maintained. This will also prevent the page from looking cluttered and disorganised.

Ezypay logo clear space


Minimum Size

For small scale applications, both print and digital, it is important that the minimum size is maintained to make sure that the logo can be easily read. This applies to both the logo on its own, and the badge.

Copy of Copy of Badge options (1)

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Brand Collaboration

Your brand is just as important as ours, so ensuring that both logos are represented together accurately is important. When collaborating with our brand, ensure you are consistent across assets and follow our guidelines.


When positioning the logos together, try and maintain the weight and balance of text within the logos as best as possible. Maintain adequate spacing between the logos and size them appropriately.


If you wish to use a symbol to represent our partnership, ensure there is even spacing either side as depicted by the grey and orange areas below.

Ezypay logo collaboration

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Social Media

Increase your social reach and get involved with the Ezypay community by tagging us and following our pages. We love sharing our customer stories and post industry news, major product updates and helpful business content to make sure you’re getting the most out of your payments.


We are always looking for businesses to feature  on our social channels and blog page. Just started using Ezypay or have a great offer for your customers? Use our hashtags in your social posts to engage with our community and have a chance at being featured!


#Ezypay   #NowWithEzypay   #PaymentsMadeEzy

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