2013 Fitness Industry Report

The Ultimate Guide to the Australian & New Zealand Fitness Industry in 2013.

2013 fitness industry report
19,436 members + 1,151 clubs = 56 pages jam packed with data!

Now you can be an expert in your fitness industry and also on your fitness industry!  The 2013 Fitness Industry Report gives more data than you could ever wish to find.  You will find out facts like:

  • 71% of all members are women.
  • 16.3% of members leave due to changes in work circumstances.
  • 48.5% of members choose a personal trainer to get better results.
  • 14.4% of clubs are open 24 hours.
  • $45,500 is the average annual wage for club managers.

Compiled with the data from nearly 1,500 club owners and managers and over 20,000 members of clubs all across Australia and New Zealand it is the biggest survey of it’s kind in the world.   The 2013 fitness industry report really is the ultimate guide into the fitness industry in both Australia and New Zealand.

Amaze your colleagues and clients with your understanding and insight into the fitness industry. Download the full 56 page report for free by entering your details in the box on the right.