Ezypay 2013 Member Infograph

Free Member Infograph: Want to know more about your members?

A common issue may clubs and fitness centres have is we just don’t always know who our member is and what their motivations are.  Gym members showed a preference for being contacted by email but clubs like to contact member’s face-to-face, email and social media. Are you wasting your time doing your marketing face-to-face when an email would be preferred?


of club members are


with their club

Member Infograph 2013

So now you have the opportunity to understand your member better because the fitness industry survey team has put together an infograph all about fitness club and gym members based on nearly 20,000 members across Australia and New Zealand. Understand your members better and you will get better sales, and retention results. The member infograph allows you to do this.


To have all the information you need at your fingertips download your free fitness club member infograph on the right now.  Update! 2014 Member Infograph is available for download now with the very latest data from the 2014 survey respondents.