The annual Fitness Industry Survey, conducted by gym membership software and payments provider&Ezypay, revealed the rapid growth in the sector has little to do with opening hours.

Currently 11% of gym members belong to a 24 hour club but this is sure to rise in 2014. So, we asked a number of industry leaders to share their insights for 2014. The Fitness Industry Trend report for gyms and fitness clubs and centres is an amazing resource. Predicting the landscape of the fitness industry in 2014 is an extremely useful and valuable resource that you would be crazy to miss.

You can download your copy of the fitness industry trend report here and you can also go to the&fitness industry survey page to find more free downloadable resources like guides, reports and infographs. IHRSAthe international health and fitness association has mentioned that the fitness industry resources are extremely valuable.

The fitness survey is an award winning resource. Recently the fitness industry survey team won an Order of Excellence from the Dragons of Asia Awards. This is a great achievement and reinforces the value of the survey information.

In 2014 the survey has expanded to provide data and information on the fitness industry in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.


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