2014 Member Infograph

2014 member infograph



Understand Your Members Better with Big Data today.

Over 11,000 active and past members of gyms, fitness centres and health clubs across Australia, New Zealand and Asia gave their opinion on their physical training choices.

Download the Ezypay Member Infograph today to find out how you can take their workout experience to a whole new level.

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2014 member infograph

The Fitness Industry Survey is interactive, informative, effective and practical. It is one of the most distinguished marketing campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia due to its high content value, viral reach, strong branding and precise niche market targeting.

Since 2008, the ANZFIS has been facilitated, analysed and marketed by Australia’s multi-award winning direct debit billing company, Ezypay in collaboration with its sister company, iconnect360 – and has been an effective marketing tool in establishing Ezypay as the leading fitness industry expert in Australia and New Zealand. The FIS is one of the most remarkable business to business marketing campaigns in the world as there is no other survey-based campaign like it in the fitness industry.

As the leading experts in providing direct-debit billing services (especially in the fitness industry), Ezypay has taken on the mantle of surveying, collating and analysing thousands of data from members, business owners and key decision makers on everything related to the local fitness industry scene. This premium-level information are then formed into reports, press releases, blog posts, social media posts and infographs that can be downloaded for FREE so business owners and key decision makers can make more accurate informed business decisions.

Download your free copy of Member Infograph 2014 to find out the key metrics that encourages membership sign ups and boost long-term retention rates.

BONUS: Member Infograph includes age distribution of active gym members and feedback from gym members.


Download the 2014 Member Infograph.

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