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Choose Ezypay for collecting on-going payments and at the same time improve business retention.


Prior to the founding of Ezypay in 1996, George Holman owned Vital, a Sydney gym utilising the honesty system payment method where club members paid for monthly fees by placing cash or cheques into an envelope.

A trip overseas to America’s established fitness industry inspired George to view direct debits as a revolutionary new form of collecting recurring payments. This resulted in Vital successfully growing its membership base by an amazing 1900% (from 200 to 4,000) in just one year, which eventually lead to the decision of starting up the very first direct debit business in Australia called Ezypay.

Today, Ezypay continues to meet the real needs in businesses across Australia by making it easy to collect recurring payments. As Ezypay evolves, the next step has been to combine payments and memberships in a cloud based membership software system called iconnect360. Offering a payment and software solution has kept our business relevant and focused on meeting current business needs.


We are an online payments company that likes to have a bit of fun.

About Us

Running a business and getting paid is serious business but we don’t let that stop us from enjoying ourselves. We have a great team of people who work really hard and enjoy what they do so our clients enjoy the benefits. For the latest silliness check out the blog, our You Tube Channel or like our facebook page. We promise we won’t charge you for the laughs.

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