Our Values

our values

Our CEO Trent Brown set us a challenge in 2008 and this was to create a values based organisation.


With the support of Ezypay’s owner and founder George Holman, for a whole quarter we focused on eliciting the core values of the organisation. This was a tough process because it is really hard to take a group of 30 people and come up with only a handful of values that summarise how they feel about the business and why they do what they do. At the end of our navel gazing process, after a variety of crazy activities, word association games and too much coffee we settled on our 4 core values.

orange evolution value


Orange Evolution

Growing our business through innovation and quality

smart returns


Smart Returns

Delivering real value to clients, employees and shareholders

team ezyplay


Team Ezyplay

Enjoying a fair balance between hard work and fun

Our values vertical limits


Vertical Limits

Supporting each other to learn and develop

Trent suggested that we needed to bring these values to life in the form of avatars or characters. We worked with our graphic designer to create these characters. We launched these characters in October 2008 to the team, along with a video message from George Holman, Ezypay’s owner and founder and his first employee Sarah Gardener. Creating these characters was a great idea and really brought to life the values we had created. Now at the end of October each year we celebrate ‘Orange Nation Day’ which is the day the values were launched and the characters born.

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