Collect Recurring Payments

Accept and collect recurring payments for your subscription service with the Ezypay direct debit system.

collect recurring payment

At Ezypay, we understand that every business operates differently and has different payment needs. That’s why we offer a wide variety of tools for you to collect recurring payments. Whether the recurring payments are membership fees for your gym, subscriptions to your coaching service or ongoing customer payments for your software company – we can help you collect recurring payments for your business.

Using direct debits in your business is an awesome way to increase your business cash flow. It’s a super convenient secure billing system which only needs to be setup once and with a 99.5% collection rate you are almost guaranteed to collect recurring payments from your customers or members.

collect recurring payments

“We are able to control the amounts that we debit, control the frequency that we debit and for our members, it’s really about the convenience of use.”
Roxana Olivares, Director of Programs
The Forum – Newcastle University of Sport
collect recurring payments

“People can go online to our website, complete the form and then the start being debited every month and that helps us make sales.”
Justin Tamsett, Managing Director
Active Management
collect recurring payments

“Without Ezypay and the technology that they’ve built, we wouldn’t have been able to be the first in the industry to use the direct debit gateway.”
Nic Monteforte, Chief Operations Officer
Fit n Fast
Bespoke billing services for your business
collect recurring payments

Bill everyday

We bill every day that the bank will accept a billing file. You don’t have to worry about what day to bill your clients on or what day is the best to collect their recurring payments with Ezypay. A flexible payment system like Ezypay is designed to serve your business needs.

collect recurring payments

Accept all payment types

The Ezypay direct debit system works for bank accounts and credit cards. We take it one step further by also providing recurring payment collection in multiple currencies and re-billing options for failed payment transactions to further increase your payment collection rates.

collect recurring payments

Real time reporting

Access critical business data when you need it the most. Ezypay’s secure site gives you insight on your exact financial position 24/7, day or night. When a customer signs up online with your business, you’ll be able to access the data in 3 seconds or less.

Efficient. Easy-to-use. Direct.

High Collection Rate

Ezypay is one of the very best direct debit companies in the market because we consistently collect 99.5% of all payments everyday. We know that cash flow is the bloodline of any business and direct debit is the most effective method of collecting recurring payments.

collect recurring payments
Security matters
collect recurring payments

PCI Compliant

If done wrongly, collecting recurring payments can open your business to all sorts of risk and fraud – which is why Ezypay adheres to the best billing practices in the industry. All data is stored securely in a Level 1 PCI compliant vault and we’re constantly upgrading ourselves according to the latest tech to constantly stay protected against security threats.

Global support by a local team

Excellent support

Ezypay Global believes that good software must be complemented by good service, which is why we’ve localised our support team to better service our customers across three continents around the world. Ezypay customer service is available on weekdays during working hours from 8am to 6pm at toll free numbers. Alternatively, you may also send us an email if you have any questions on your account and we’ll reply within the next 24 working hours.

collect recurring payments

Ezypay customer survey reveals 96% overall satisfaction.

With a dedicated customer support team located across two continents, you’ll enjoy prompt and friendly service every time with Ezypay.


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why high growth companies prefer Ezypay

From cross-border transactions to SMS alerts, there is no better way to collect recurring payments.
collect recurring payments

Accept online payments

Ezypay works closely with local banks so you don’t have to. Create a payment plan from your Ezypay account in less than 5 minutes and you’re instantly ready to start collecting payments without paperwork requirements.

collect recurring payments

Collect Recurring Payments Across Countries

Collect payments from around the world with Ezypay. Collect recurring payments in local currency but receive funds distributed in the monetary terms of your choice.

collect recurring payments

Automated reporting in real-time

Access critical business data with any hardware device connected to the Internet. Your Ezypay account is accessible anywhere, anytime so you’ll always be in control of your cash flow and business direction.

collect recurring payments

SMS Alerts

Increase your recurring payment collection rate to 100% with the SMS pre-debit notification feature. A SMS is sent to your customers 3 working days before the direct debit transaction to minimise risk of a failed payment from occurring.

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