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Have you been billed wrongly, do you believe you have been overcharged or do you simply have a question about your account? Kindly fill in the form below and press submit and our customer service team will be happy to assist you within 48 hours.  If the matter is urgent you can contact our customer service team on a toll free number of 1300 300 553 (only within Australia).

You might be able to find the answer to what you are looking for here.  Why not have a look?

  1. Quick facts about Ezypay direct debits.
  2. Commonly asked questions to the Ezypay customer service team.
  3. Is it really Ezypay who has billed my account?  Check the spelling on your bank statement because unless it is spelled E.Z.Y.P.A.Y. it is not us you are looking for.
  4. How to create a payment plan for a customer?
  5. How direct debits work in NZ.