Direct Debit Payments

Collect recurring payments easily by bank account or credit card anywhere, anytime.

Direct Debit Payments are Easy with Ezypay

Save resources and remove human errors by automating your payment collection with Ezypay, global providers in direct debit across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.


direct debit payments

direct debit payments

Increase Cash Flow

Using direct debit in your business helps you increase cash flow in your business. A set and forget system like direct debiting means that your customers or members only need to sign up once and you’ll never have to worry about managing regular payments ever again.

direct debit payments

Amazing Collection Rate

We’ve been in business since 1996 and have consistently collected at a 99.5% rate for all transactions. This means that out of 200 transactions performed in an hour, the odds are you will collect 199 and only miss 1. That’s about as close to guaranteed payment as you will ever get!

direct debit payments

Customer Satisfaction

Statistically, customers who are attached to a direct debit plan do tend to stay longer with a business. With the convenience of not having to continuously think about paying for their subscription, you will enjoy higher customer retention rates.

Use Ezypay Direct Debit Payments in Your Business


Full Control of Your Business Cash Flow

Ezypay has nearly 20 years experience in collecting direct debit payments across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, and we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to handling recurring payments. We have a proven and tested payment system that collects transactions for thousands of businesses across several continents and we also process millions of transactions each year. With an impressive collection rate of 99.5%, it’s no wonder we are the preferred direct debit billing partner for high growth businesses.

direct debit payments

Accept all payment types

Ezypay works closely with local banks to provide popular direct debit payment methods, including direct debit from the bank account and with all major credit cards. All your customer needs to do is complete the direct debit request form and we’ll handle the processing with the banks.


Secure and Safe

We take privacy concerns very seriously. Our team of developers are always working to further enhance our secure and PCI compliant data vault for the benefit of our clients and your customers. Rest assured that our billing practices adhere to the industry’s best practices and that your data is safely stored.


direct debit payments
direct debit payments

Real Time Reporting

We provide crucial data you need to stay ahead. The real time reporting feature empowers all Ezypay users to generate reporting on cash flow, payment collection and membership sign up rates in a few clicks. Real time information means that you can now access a new customer who has signed up to 3 seconds ago.


What people are saying about Ezypay Direct Debit Payments

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!
direct debit payments

“Ezypay offers the best billing service and integrated software in the market. All good, you guys have been great to work with.”

Tony de Leede

Founder, FitnFast

direct debit payments

“Cash flow can be a nightmare, and you have a lot of of overheads initially. For me, equipment repayments, insurance, fit out, even simple things like phone and internet hurt when you’re starting at zero members! Compound that with long hours, and no money to employ help and there’s plenty of opportunity for stress. Ezypay direct debits helps with cash flow.”

Nathan Louey

Owner, EFM Health Clubs – Hawthorne East

direct debit payments

“It’s really Easy! It’s easier for our members to debit certain amounts of money with Ezypay. Ezypay operationalizes that for us and they actually communicate with the banks and can facilitate the billing.”

Roxana Olivares

Director of Programs, The Forum – Newcastle University of Sport