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In the meantime maybe there is something interesting in the following pages which talk about direct debits.

  1. More information about using direct debit in your business.
  2. Ezypay info on how to use direct debits in payment plans.
  3. Why online sign ups will increase your revenue by 10-25%.
  4. Why Ezypay is a great choice for your direct debit company.


Or you might be interested in learning more about the fitness industry.

There are loads of free resources about the fitness industry in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong on the fitness industry survey page.  You will be able to find data on:

  1. Personal Trainers
  2. Gyms and fitness clubs
  3. Past gym members
  4. Current gym members
  5. Fitness trends
  6. Marketing and communications
  7. Technology
  8. Staff salaries

We survey both club owners and managers as well as members and we have been doing so since 2008 so there a huge amount of data all available for free to download.


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