Features for Recurring Payments

Whether you’re building a fitness franchise empire, providing education across Asia Pacific or running a subscription service, Ezypay has the direct debit features you need.

direct debit features

Increase Cash Flow

No more wasting time, paper or manpower on collecting outstanding payments every week when you automate your payment collection with Ezypay. Start accepting international payments and get paid as often as you require. Create different payment plans with various billing frequencies to suit your business needs.


direct debit features

Instant Information

Ezypay offers a variety of real-time reports, including distribution report, customer list report, tax report, outstanding failed payment report and trend analysis. Reports can only be accessed by account holders, but you can also export, share and filter the report at the push of a button.


direct debit features

Industry-grade Security

Ezypay has been helping high growth businesses collect recurring payments (especially direct debit) since 1996. Our cloud technology is PCI compliant and we also comply with the Australian banking rules and regulations. Ezypay also undergoes a third party annual audit and review every year.


direct debit features

Amazing Collection Rate

Ezypay clients in Australia can expect a 99.5% successful payment collection rate in every transaction. In Asia, we have an average of 90% collection rate that’s steadily rising as we improve the mechanisms between local issuing banks, cardholders, merchants and acquiring banks.


direct debit features

High Customer Retention

Have full view of your customer trends 24/7, even if your business sites are spread out across the globe. All reports on customer behaviour (including late payments and new memberships) are generated in real time so you can optimise on your business decisions based on the latest information.


direct debit features

Ezypay API and Webhooks

Ezypay is built by developers, for developers. Leverage on seamless integration between your business and Ezypay via API and Webhooks to scale your business in a safe and secure environment. API for general integration and batch processing is available to all Ezypay clients.


Ezypay Customer Survey reveals 96% overall satisfaction.

With a dedicated customer support team located across two continents, you’ll enjoy prompt and friendly service every time with Ezypay.

Collect recurring customer payments

Bill your customers any day of the week at different rates and currency according to your business model. Ezypay handles payment via direct debit banking, online payments and credit cards to maximise your revenue and increase payment collection rates.


direct debit features
direct debit features

Access and manage multiple sites

All you need is one account to keep track of all your business sites with Ezypay. Make changes to payment plans located on different sites, view a member’s transaction history or analyse the latest trends for each site so you can run separate marketing activities based on local customer behaviour.


Multiple currencies and cross border settlement

Bill in pounds but collect in dollars. Ezypay payment plans are automatically converted into local currency for the convenience of your customers, and is then converted into your preferred currency for easier accounting purposes. Ezypay can bill in over a dozen currencies to support high growth businesses who are keen on taking on the world.


direct debit features
direct debit features

Accept all payment types

Dealing with multiple currencies and cross border settlements doesn’t have to be a complex weekly/monthly routine for your business. Trust in the billing experts who have successfully completed 3,936,395 successful transactions last year alone – including direct debit via banking, debit card and credit card.


Failed payment handling

Payment collection can fail for numerous reasons – the most common being insufficient funds in the bank account. Ezypay automatically handles this by first notifying your customer, followed by performing a rebill. You can also customise failed payment handling by deciding to continue billing a customer with a failed payment or to stop the billing process completely.


direct debit features