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Now Available: The Ultimate Guide to the Fitness Industry Survey 2015

The popular FIS guide is now country-specific, making it possible for key decision makers and business owners to provide true value for fitness members, even as external sources such as growing competition, increasing customer demands and the global economy continues to raise challenges and affect each local fitness industry differently. Download the report on the predicted challenges clubs will face in 2015, membership growth trends, demands for personal trainers and effective marketing strategies to boost brand loyalty and membership rates.

The Ultimate Guide to the Australian Fitness Industry 2015
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The Ultimate Guide to the Singapore Fitness Industry 2015
The Ultimate Guide to the Malaysian Fitness Industry 2015

The Ultimate Guide to the Fitness Industry

The 2014 Fitness Industry Survey report provides gym owners and managers with practical, and actionable information on the most popular gym facilities, membership retention rates, digital marketing opportunities, and the biggest issues predicted to affect the fitness industry in 2015.

This report combines data collected from over 11,300 active fitness members as well as information from 967 gyms, health clubs and leisure centres across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Download your copy for free now!



2014 Staff Salary Infograph

The latest infograph on staff salary includes average salaries for centre/fitness managers, personal trainers, gym receptionist, membership sales consultant and group fitness instructors. Download the infograph to benchmark your rates against the current salary indication with data collected from businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.



2014 Sales and Marketing Infograph

Every marketeer knows that there is a fine balance between communicating with your members just enough to make them feel welcomed, but not often enough to make them feel harassed. For the Fitness Industry Survey this year, we also collected data on technology usage to measure how the increase in gadget usage changes the communication channels your members prefer.



2014 Personal Trainer Infograph

This is a real view of personal trainer usage across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We catalogue the top criteria gyms and members look for in hiring the right personal trainer as well as personal trainer rates.



2014 Past Member Infograph

This data is compiled from over 1,300 ex-gym members who gave feedback on their past experience in gyms, health clubs and leisure fitness centres. Understand factors influencing members to leave their club, whether they would re-join the same gym again and ways to win them back.



2014 Member Infograph

This is a view on the demographics of gym members across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Find out what factors influence members in terms of club satisfaction, staff interaction, joining classes and loyalty.



2014 Club Infograph

View the growth and progress of fitness clubs across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.Find out how your club compares to others in terms of type of club, years of operation, facilities provided, cardio equipment provided, membership numbers and growth.


Understand the market trends for the fitness industry with EZYPAY’s annual survey

Since 2008, EZYPAY has been conducting the Fitness Industry Survey. We survey both owners/managers and members across Australia and New Zealand to get an understanding of the fitness industry trends. The questions are varied and each year we focus on a particular topic. These range from retention, sales, technology, social media and personal training. Generally we reach between 5% – 10% of owners/managers, and in 2013 we had over 20,000 responses from those in the fitness industry. Our survey reports on the key trends in the fitness industry. We’re confident that the results from the 2013 fitness industry survey will benefit those in Australia’s health and fitness industry greatly, and will be of help in implementing direct debiting systems for gyms.

How it works

EZYPAY runs the survey but also looks for sponsors to contribute funds and distribution channels. We have had great support from sponsors over the years which we are very grateful for.

What we do with the data

We use the data to create infographs, and reports all about the Australian and New Zealand fitness industry. So far in 2013 we have created a trend report, a member infograph and a club infograph. We have a number of infographs in the pipeline and a full report too. You can download these for FREE.

Fitness Industry Trends 2014

fitness trends 2014

2013 Fitness Industry Survey Report

Australian Fitness industry

2013 Member Infograph

Member Infograph

2013 Club Infograph

2013 Personal Training Infograph

2013 Marketing & Communication Infograph

2013 Staff Salaries Infograph