Customer Service Enquiry

Ezypay customer service numberThe Ezypay customer service team are here to help.  If you have found ‘Ezypay’ on your statement, and don’t know why, the following information may help.

For both general and specific billing enquiries please complete the form. Our customer service team will respond to all enquires within two business days. If the matter is urgent, please call the Ezypay customer service team on 1300 300 533 between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

Why does Ezypay appear on my bank or credit card statement?

Ezypay is employed by many businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore to collect recurring payments and once off payments from customer and member accounts. On your statement you will either see Ezypay by itself, or in addition the name of the company we debit you on behalf of.

Why is Ezypay debiting my account?

Ezypay will only debit your credit card or bank statement with your permission. You will have filled in a direct debit request form at your gym, childcare centre or another service provider to give Ezypay permission to debit your account.

What are these charges on my account?

The charges on your account may be fees associated with your direct debit. These may include a failed payment fee, debit fee, or data fee. To find out exactly what they please call the Ezypay customer service number on 1300 300 553 or you can submit your enquiry using the form provided.

How do I change the debits?

To change the direct debit, you will need to speak to the business who is charging your account. If you do not know who the company is, please call the Ezypay customer service team on 1300 300 533.