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Ezypay provides payment solutions for recurring payments and once off payments. Our direct debit system increases cash flow whilst maintaining control of your customer or member payments.

sales inquiryFor general customer service enquiries, proceed to the enquiry page.

How much will Ezypay direct debits cost?

The cost of the Ezypay direct debits varies depending on the number of transactions, the average debit amount and the frequency of your debits. Please fill in the sales enquiry form below and we will provide you with an individual quote for our recurring and once off payment services. Basically the more transactions you can put through your Ezypay account the better the rate we can offer you. Please submit your sales enquiry and we can work through the numbers with you.

How do I open an Ezypay direct debit account?

Once an enquiry has been made our team will be in contact within two working days, sending you an application. Please complete the Ezypay application form providing all business documentation.

How long does it take to open an Ezypay account?

It can take up to up to four working days to set up the Ezypay direct debit account. In some circumstances upon request, an account may be set up in sooner if you require.

I want to open an Ezypay account in NZ, MY, SG or HK.

Ezypay is now offering our recurring billing and payment system in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong so we can help with that. We will need to find out more information about your business and needs, and then send you an application form specific to that country. You can also open accounts in multiple countries but your business does need to have a bank account in these countries to be eligible for an Ezypay direct debit account. Please submit a sales enquiry and we can work with you to collect the correct information.