Must Read: Merchant Services Available Online

merchant servicesEzypay is your one-stop shop for all the most popular merchant services in the industry. Here are some of the services offered by Australia’s favourite merchant services provider and the reason why we’ve made over 1,250,879 successful transactions (and counting) so far:

  • Credit card payment processing

Part of our merchant services includes accepting manual payments via over-the-phone, in person, by fax or e-mail because we understand that merchants need flexibility in business. All major credit cards are accepted in 5 countries powered by Ezypay. Breaking news: Ezypay will be available in China and Taiwan in 2015!

  • Direct debit payment processing

Get paid regularly with a 99.5% success rate only made possible with Ezypay’s Direct Debit Request Form (DDR Form), which allows us to transact money from your customer’s credit card or bank account. All direct debit reporting is done in real time, so you can view the latest information of new customers who signed up for direct debit payment up to 3 seconds ago. No more holding your breath waiting for monthly reports – stay up to date with your current financial position whenever you want, as often as you want it.

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  • Payment gateway

We host outstanding payments at so you can dramatically lower your failed collection rates. This payment gateway includes PCI-compliant privacy safety mechanisms and is built to maximise the user experience (UX) to reduce payment abandonment. We’re proud to share that over two hundred failed payments were collected from our clients in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore since it was launched one month ago!

  • Point of sale (POS) systems

Looking to collect money through the till? Ezypay’s sister company, iconnect360 offers a cloud-based gym membership management software which includes receipt printer and cashier for point of sale (POS) transactions. You may be very keen on the fact that the software auto-keeps track of all existing inventory, so you’ll never find yourself out of best-selling items during peak periods of your business! POS is fun again as the software integrates with touch-screen capabilities and includes photo insert options so anyone can intuitively manage and sell items with minimal training.

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  • Digital coupons

No cold, hard cash? No worries! Create prepaid accounts for your users (known as ClubCash on iconnect360) so your customers can easily topup, withdraw, refund or pay for their membership fees without having to pull out their wallet. The iconnect360 ClubCash can also be used to make payment for once-off debit transactions (such as items purchased at the till) or class bookings as well. Minimize book keeping errors, promote cashless payments and increase your cash flow, all at one go!

Ezypay’s merchant services are trusted by over 4,800 businesses since 1996. With decades of experience in helping our clients improve cash flow and simplify reconciliation, you know that you’re in good hands with Ezypay.


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