A Payment Solution To Your Money Problems

Having problems dealing with the administration and financial side of your business? We now have a payment solution that can make gym management an easy business.

payment solution

Let’s take a look at your problems and their payment solutions

Problem 1: It’s difficult collecting regular cash from your customers and members every week/month.

Payment Solution: Enlist in a direct debit service provider who will collect recurring payments for you. The best thing about this payment solution is that it is based on a ‘set and forget’ system. Once your customer or member signs up to your gym or business, they won’t have to worry about their payments thereafter because it is collected automatically. In addition, it makes your life easier as you don’t have to chat to them about money collection ever again.

Problem 2: You are losing more customers than you are gaining

Payment Solution: A direct debit billing system offers your customers and member convenience that they will not experience anywhere else. They are hassled less about their fees so they’ll only need to focus on using your services or facilities to improve their health. With the convenience of not having to think about paying their subscription, membership or fees, their satisfaction is increased and they stay longer. This payment solution is great as it increases customer retention for your business.

Problem 3: You are not collecting all the payments that you are owed

Payment Solution: It is difficult to ensure that you get all your due payments without a debit provider. A debit provider collects recurring payments from your customers every week or month and it does so automatically. Before you decide to higher any direct debit billing company, look at their collection rate. This will give you the statistics of how many successful transaction will be processed for your business; and remember, the higher the number, the better.

Problem 4: You are spending too much time on paperwork and not enough on growing your business

Payment Solution: It is not difficult to end up in your office hidden beneath paperwork that you have to complete when you’d rather spend your time making sales and talking to customers. You have to keep track of everything and manually write things down. To counteract this, a direct debit service is the perfect payment solution. Such a provider can generate various reports that keep track of your finances and income for you so you don’t have to.

Problem 5: You are spending money and time on excess resources

Payment Solution: If you don’t handle any cash, then you don’t have to buy any cash-related items. A direct debit billing system is cash-free, meaning that you can reduce expenses around your business and ultimately increase cash flow.

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There are many problems that can emerge in a business or company. However, as you can see, the best payment solution for these problems is through a direct debit service. We may be a little biased, but the best direct debit provider is Ezypay. With an amazing high collection rate of 99.5%, you can be guaranteed that your business life will be easier and simpler.


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