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Benefits for integrators

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Seamless integration

Robust, clean APIs to connect your Ezypay account directly into existing software. Built for developers with a powerful toolkit and the flexibility to perfectly support and scale to any type of business. Improve your customer reach and loyalty by embedding Ezypay across all your sites and devices. Seamlessly provide customers multiple outlets to connect, pay or sign up.

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Automated, easy to use and secure

Maximise revenue without manually managing and processing payment collections, outstanding or failed payment notifications and rebilling. All our automated billing, payments and sensitive information handling processes are PCI compliant - the highest level of compliance in data security.

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Revenue sharing

We share our successes with you. Gain extra revenue from every transaction when you partner with Ezypay. Partner with us to increase your profit margin and reap the benefits of an increasing customer base and income. Ezypay supports a variety of partnership models from a simple referral model to more complex multi-merchant splits.


A suite of APIs to power subscription billing for businesses of all sizes

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Previous API Documentation
Recurring Billing API

Ezypay Recurring Billing API

The Ezypay Recurring Billing API is available and useful for passing data back and forth between our recurring billing system and yours. It is an easy way to securely transfer data. 

Download API Guide

Billing Batch On-Demand API

Billing Batch On-Demand API

This is the vendor integration manual for our billing batch on-demand (BOD) API. You will use this API to send files through to us in a batch mode.

Download BOD Guide

Webhooks Usage

Webhooks Usage

This is a guide to setting up a webhook to notify you of specific events in our system. Webhooks are available for when a customer is successfully added or when a payment for a customer or client has failed.

Download Webhook Guide

Questions about API integration?

Ask us about API integration with Ezypay. Our Customer Service team are here to help.