Multiple Site Management

Keep track of different pricing mechanisms and monitor cash flow for all your business sites from one Ezypay dashboard.

The smart way to track your progress from anywhere.
Be the first to know how the latest membership drives, new branch openings and external economic factors affect different business locations, even if you are a few time zones away.
Multiple Site Management

One-click access

Control all financial decisions for each of your business sites from a single, powerful admin panel. Switch from one site to another with just one click and distribute the permission settings for each user according to business location and organisation or business level.

multiple site management
multiple site management

Access control

One Ezypay account can meet all the needs of various users. For instance, a Level 1 business level user can add customers and resolve outstanding debits but has no access to the reporting function, whereas a business administrator has full access to all functions and reports for that business site only. An organisation admin has overall access, including entry to the Ezypay developer centre.

Track your distributions and reports

Ezypay’s reporting feature includes the Organisation Distribution Report which aggregates distribution fees collected from multiple sites and income sources into a single interface. Alternatively, other reports are available so users can drill down and see how individual sites are performing.

multiple site management

Ezypay customer survey reveals 96% overall satisfaction.

With a dedicated customer support team located across two continents, you’ll enjoy prompt and friendly service every time with Ezypay.

Automated payments collection for serious businesses
All Ezypay accounts are automatically updated and maintained on a bi-weekly basis across all sites, so you’ll always have access to the latest features before the rest of the market does – at no extra cost.
multiple site management

Automatic updates

Our award-winning developers roll out software releases and feature updates on a fortnightly basis so you’ll always have access to the best and most secure payment technology available in the market. Thanks to cloud technology, updates are automatically performed only after your business hours.

multiple site management

Real time reporting

Cut reporting preparation time to zero and eliminate massive spreadsheets with complex formulas. Ezypay automatically generates reporting based on the latest transactions so you can smash the reporting bottleneck and make effective decisions in minutes, not months.

multiple site management

Accept online payments

Do more than track money online – empower your prospects and customers from multiple sites to make purchases and payments online with Ezypay’s online payment form. Forms can be customised for each business site and can be instantly activated in just 3 steps from your Ezypay dashboard.

multiple site management

Safe and secure

Ezypay has been in business for nearly 20 years and part of the reason for our steady growth is our commitment to always place the interests of our customers first. Ezypay adheres to best practices in the card payment industry and all payment details are stored securely in a PCI level 1 vault.

Multiple Site Management
Want to know what else makes Ezypay so powerful?
Visit the Ezypay Resources Page to learn more about other features, including how to read your Ezypay distribution report (which we will send after each billing cycle) and how Ezypay handles most common failed payments.

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